Has anyone adopted twins internationally???
Just wondering if there are any Canadian aparents who have adopted twins from the US. Is there specific immigration requirements or any other info one might need to know?

Any info would be helpful

My googness! Funny you should be the one to answer my question about Shepherd's Care, and I can answer yours about twins! We adopted our African American twins when they were 10 days old. We only ran into two problems...One was when we filed for their immigration visas. We had stipulated that we were adopting twins, they obviously had the same birth mother and birthday and we were led to believe by the immigration people we dealt with in Buffalo NY (don't ask me why our papers came from there, but they did) that one application was all we needed. Well, just weeks away from the twins coming home, we got a really snotty letter from one of the immigration officials stating that only one twin would be allowed to immigrate and if we really wanted the other twin, we had to reapply!!!!!! I was appalled and furious, as we had sent off the paperwork months before(based on our birthmom's due date), and they literally waited until the 11th hour to respond to us. The second problem was with the airline booking clerk, who wasn't going to let me on the plane with the twins, stating some foolish nonsense about infants not being allowed to fly. I, of course, not about to put up with such garbage, questioned her as to how old infants had to be...she replied 'oh at least 10 days old". I said how convenient it was then that my twins were 10 days old that day! She then stated it might be as old as 2-3weeks, so she couldn't let me on the plane! I couldn't believe my ears. I had never heard of such a rule, and when I challenged her and asked to speak to her supervisor immediately, she hummed and hawed and finally said maybe it was a week or 10 days after all so that I could board. There is no such rule at all! Some people's prejudice is very thinly veiled. But those babies made me a momma, and no one wants to cross a momma bear by hurting her babies in any way! We may be in the 21st century, and not all Americans behave that way for sure, but many seem never to have made it past the civil war. It's very sad, but true. The kindest people and the most happy that we were adopting our children were the American black people. We had white people call our foster mother's daughter a tramp when she took the twins out for a walk, some people sniffed at us and crossed to the other side of the street. Two old ladies in a restaurant thought the twins were cute when my husband was watching them, they seemed to assume and accept that his wife was black. When they asked where I was, and he pointed to me in the salad bar line up, they appeared shocked and said "Well , I never!" and stalked away. Why my being white too was so appalling to them, I have no idea, except that they couldn't imagine why a white couple would adopt black children. I was a most weird experience. This is the first time I have ever logged onto something like this, so It is very new to me. The language is "foreign";why am I listed as a junior member...what is vB code;I'm assuming a ''thread'' is one of conversation? Why would one need to rate it? Whatever is parsing URLS? Anyway, I shan't bore you with my "computer illiteracy"! Good luck Oh, P.S. When you get their passport pictures done, make sure they are not just fed, and it's not a hot day...our kids were fed and dead asleep. Apparently their eyes have to be open for a valid photo...we literally had to hold their eyes open for the photos....it's hilarious. As if anyone is going to recognize someone from an infant passport photo. My children are now 6 years old and don't look a thing like themselves as infants. :D
I tried to adopt kids from the United States but after months of research found the tax issues to be too burdening to even bother with the process. Instead I have resorted to having a child the old fashioned way and according to a [URL="http://due-date-calculator.org"]Due Date Calculator[/URL] I am now expecting on the 18th of this month. I know that it is probably not relevant to your question but I am so excited about my new baby that I had to share!
Hi - I'm not Candian, but did adopt twins internationally - it comes down to basics. You are adopting TWO complete and separate people. They each need their own paperwork. You only need one homestudy (if twins aren't specifically mentioned in your homestudy - you should have it added - our agency didn't even charge for it - it only took them adding "or twins" -)

But immigration paperwork, yes, we needed everything for each.

AND, be ready when they get sick at the same time, although, it might be different if they are b/g twins. Even with different names it often took the pharmacy an hour to convince our insurance that we weren't trying to double the medication for 1 child. Nothing like being told 15 minutes then walking around a superstore for more than an hour with 2 sick toddlers......

And good luck! Twins are well - an experience worth having!!!!!
Tara this thread gave me a heart attack until I saw it was from 2004 Smile lol
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