I adopted my daughter in 1993 through Chosen Children, which was located in the West Palm Springs area at that time. The agency is now closed, so I am not sure where the records for that adoption are. I would like to contact my daughter's birth mother to open the adoption, which the agency would not allow me to do when I inquired about doing so many years ago. Does anyone know about the agency and why it closed and where their records are now kept? Does anyone have ideas on how to search without any identifying information? I have registered with the national registry, but no where else. Thanks!
Husband is/was and attorney and I heard handled most of the legal proceedings for the adoptions. He refuses any and all information/involvement related to the agency placements. Some adoptees have discoverd that birth dates and info were altered. Hospital records too. I have only bits and pcs of info. I know this is not much help in your search, but since you child is/will be 18 I encourage you to Register, Register, & Register with all agencies. I have read where there have been a few matches of those handled by Chosen Children. I have a few more years to wait til my 1st born turns 18, so I envy you. The birth father and I have recently reconnected and we both are very eager to get our search going full blast.
Good luck, God Bless and please post any new information you find and I will continue to do the same. Perhaps together we can locate our precious ones.
Who is the attorney? If records were altered, etc. we may have the makings of a class-action lawsuit of some kind. I don't know -- this just all sounds very fishy. I've always had peace in my heart about my decision to place my son for adoption, but this is most unnerving. Dear poster, how did YOU get access to this information, by the way?
I could not agree more. The Atty was her husband Mr. Cohn. I don't recall his first name at this time. Sure I have it in files somehwere I think. I came by this information by reading other's posts here and in other adoption forums on the web, and I have received emails from adoptees searching and sharing their information to help in my own search. I truely understand your feelings. I was at peace with my decision for several years, but as the years went by, my heart ached more and more for my son. As far as a law suit is concerned, you could be right, but without proof that we even placed children with them it would be difficult to get someone to take it on. Please know that you and I are not alone. There are many women just like us searching and hitting deadends, but we must continue to search, post and share any developments.
hello to my fellow Chosen Children Birth Mothers.
I gave birth in 1984 at good samaritan.
i have the copy of my relinquishment papers I even have my hospital bracelet and reciepts from doctors visit. how ever
vital statistics has no records of my daughters birth, adoption or
me and the hospital has nothing on me as well. I can't register with FARR because I do not exist .
I cant contact Jan Cohn because she died in 1994. I tried to obtain a lawyer but was turned away as soon as I mentioned Bennett S. Cohn, not one lawyer would touch my case in p.b. county
i couldnt figure out why untill i did some research on Bennett and found out that he was at one point
running for circuit judge in p.b.
I tried to hire a P.I. but she couldnt find a paper trail on me. said
it looked like an illegal adoption. I have run into a brick wall, but i am relentless and sooner or later I will prevail!!!!!!! It is a comfort to know there are other mothers out there. GOD BLESS
YOU!!! and don't ever give up. if there is anything I can do to help let me know. I have become pretty good at finding info. Just wish I was good enough to find my lost Angel :-(
:confused: :mad: :(
To say that this is shocking is a gross understatement. I know that scandals like this can happen, but if this man did anything to make our kids "disappear," I am willing to do everything in my power, however limited, to make sure he's brought to justice -- and most importantly -- our children located. My "inner Erin Brockovitch" spirit is kicking in. First thing I need to do, though, is something I should have done years ago -- return to Jupiter Medical Center, my son's place of birth, and see if I can come up with his birth records (or conversely, see if that hospital, is also "conveniently" devoid of them). God bless you, too, and thank you tremendously for the information.
Contact the Florida Adoption Reunion Registry (FARR). The registry is available to adult adoptees (18 +), adoptive parents and birth families. Adoptive parents may register for their minor children. Registration is $35. They may be able to tell you where the records for Chosen Children were sent, possibly to their office. If this is the case, they will be able to provide the non-id information to you. The non-id is free.
To request the forms & non-id write to:
Florida Adoption Reunion Registry
HRS Children & Families Program Office
1317 Winewood Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0700
To all birth mothers and sibs of chosen children I am Happy to report that my search is over. After a long year of searching I found her. She is alive and well,
happy to be found and wants to have a relationship.
Her Parents are wonderful people I could not have asked for a better set of parents to raise my daughter.
now that my search is over I want to turn over the wealth of info I have to help you in your search also I would be happy to help anyone in any way possible!
please feel free to email me
and PLEASE!!!!!! never give up hope. I am proof that it can be done , My daughter wasn't even searching and I still found her!!!!!! :) God Bless all of you
i am searching for adoptee sister...given up in 83/84 through chosen children...all hospital records in the state of fl are destroyed after 10 microfilm or anything...she has to be a+ or o+ blood type. she has 3 older siblings ...1 boy 76... 2 girls 78 & hair and eyes 5'1" blonde eyes...6'0"....any infor please
Not true that every hospital purges records after 10 years. It depends on the hospital. Mine were on microfiche from Broward General--26 years later.
I have been conducting my own search now since I was 13. Chosen Children handled my adoption and when they closed due to Jan Cohen's illness they sent me a copy of everything they had on file that they could legally send including copies of court records. I have kept this information very safe. The only thing I don't have is a name for my birth mom. If anyone has any additional information or would like to collaborate on trying to get additional information on chosen children, I would be happy to share what I have.
I have to admit that I am a bit discouraged by the news that some records don't exsist for some people. I have been hitting a brick wall when dealing with the Florida courts. I just recently discoverd that Vital Statistics might have me, but now I am not so sure.
I heard that Jan died.... I placed my daughter with them in 1988 in september...... peace be with you and good luck
hello....when were you born? I am lookin for a brother and sister. The brother was born 12/22/86 and sister 2/14/89.
As a Bmom I would be furious if my childs records were altered or destroyed. I dont care if the attorney is running for judge...he does have a boss, and that is the people. I would have my story make front page of the paper if that is what it takes for him to talk to me. There are senators and congressmen that you can call, and call again. Dont take no for an answer!!
I just want to put my information out there, in case birth mom is looking. I'm helping my cousin. She was adopted through Chosen Children May 11th 1987 (5/11/1987). I live in Florida, so I promised to do some research for her.
No idea where to start though...
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December 1984 boy
Born at St Marys Hosp
Chosen Children handled adoption (private)
Non id info i have,
Mother liked art, had an abortion prior to my birth
Uncle had handicap children
Looking for birth family
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