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Here is some information for searching in Ontario, Canada. I hope you find the information helpful in your search:

General Searching Information for Adoptees born in Canada and taken to the USA.

If anyone was born in Canada and adopted by American adoptive parents and taken to the United States, contact the US Dept. of Immigration and obtain a copy of your Entry Visa. This form should show your full birthname. This is required for all persons taking up permanent residence in the U.S.

Write your MPP:
The Honourable John Baird
Minister of Community and Social Services
6th Floor, Hepburn Block
80 Grovesnor St.
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1E9
tel: 416-325-5225
fax: 416-325-5221

Adoptions and Operational Services
Ministry of Community and Social Services
Adoption Information Unit
2 Bloor St. West, 24th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M4W 3H8

Adoption Disclosure Register Clerk: (416) 327-4730
International Adoptions: (416) 327-4739
Relative Adoptions: (416) 327-4740
Private Adoptions: (416) 327-4741

Non-Identifying Information
If the adoption was arranged by an office of the Ontario Children's Aid Society then the Society would have the record and would respond to the request. The length of time for a response can vary from six months to two years. If the adoption was handled privately then the information is prepared by the ministry. For adoptions prior to June 1979, however, there is virtually no non-identifying information available. Unless the applicant knows which agency is involved and can make a direct inquiry, there can be a longer wait while the ministry determines and informs the applicant where to request information.
For most adoptions prior to the mid 1960s the adoption order will contain the adopted person's given name(s) and surname at birth. For many orders made after the mid 1960's the adopted person's surname at birth is not shown, just the first initial of the surname followed by a birth registration number. The order shows the court in which the order was granted, the date it was granted and the name of the judge. It also shows the names of the adoptive parents. Adoption orders DO NOT contain the names of the birth parents(s) or any information about them.

Passive Registry
Passive Register for Birth Relatives (began in 1979). Adoptees, birth parents, birth siblings and birth grandparents can register. An initial check of the computerized registry is made for a corresponding applicant. Parties are informed if a match is made. If no match appears immediately, the application is processed in turn according to date of receipt. It can take up to one year to fully process the application and enter the correct data. The applicant remains in the data base until a match is made or requests that his or her name be removed.

Active Search
Active searches can be done on behalf of Adult Adoptees. As of the fall of 2000, the average search takes from nine to twelve months.

Mandatory prior to the disclosure of identifying information. Most counselling is provided by the Children's Aid Society, or, if parties are outside Ontario, by other counselling agencies. Counselling is usually available within one to two months if a match is made. Counselling is also available by telephone. There are mail-out counselling packages also available.

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Here are some links.. for searchers in Ontario..

[url=]Ministry of Community and Social Services - Adoption Information[/url]

How does the government help adopted adults and birth relatives find and contact each other?

Ontarios voluntary Adoption Disclosure Register allows adopted adults, birth parents, birth grandparents and birth siblings over the age of 18 to voluntarily place their names on a register to obtain or exchange information in order to contact each other.

If your name was on the register prior to April 24, 2006, you will still be on the register. However, you should contact us to ensure your information is up to date in case a family match is found.

To place your name on the register or to update your information, please go to [url=]ServiceOntario: Making It Easier - Government of Ontario, Canada / Gouvernement de l'Ontario, Canada[/url] or call 416-325-8305, toll free 1-800-461-2156.

[url=!ut/p/.cmd/cs/.ce/7_0_A/.s/7_0_252/_s.7_0_A/7_0_252/_l/en?docid=111872]Adoption Information Disclosure Act - Government of Ontario (Canada)[/url]

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[url=]LINKS Post-Legal Adoption[/url]
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