i'm searching for any birth family. i was born in wenatchee, washington, at st. anthony's hosp. in 1973. if you could be a sibling or birthparent please let me know.
or if you have any leads maybe you had a friend or someone that sounds like this. i'm just grabbing at straws.
thank you
I was also born at St Anthony's Hospital in Wenatchee and was given up for adoption. Do you know your birth mothers name?
hello angelpie66.
i don't know too much about my birthmother. i'm glad to know this hospital really does indeed exist. i left washington state as a baby with my adoptive family and haven't been back since.
do you have siblings you're looking for too?
Thank you for replying. I am looking for anyone I can find. I know my birth mothers name ,date of birth and place of birth but so far have never found her. Yes St Anthony's does exist. I was born and raised in Wenatchee and moved to Seattle when I was 31 with my husband. I wish you luck in finding your family.
I my self was having difficulty finding information on St. Anthonys hospital.....I'm trying to help a friend find her bp moms name possibly Louise...23 yrs possibley in business college bf..24 musically inclined talented at piano...dark hair...Adoption in Wenatchee WA St. Anthonys Hospital...anyone have any information please email me at you and God Bless:)
My husband was also born in St. Anthony's hospital in 1965 and I know he has at least 3 half siblings. Have you found this hospital? I can't find it. My e-mail is His birth mom's name is Yevone (sp?).
I live in Wenatchee and St. Anthony's hospital is no longer St. Anthony's. It is now called Central Washington Hospital.
I too was born at St. Anthony's in Wenatchee 1965. The old hospital burnt down and you have to call another place to get your records. it could be the name the LoLo54 gave. I know from when I was searching all the records where in a basement some where and they had to go and get them and call you back. Hope that helps you!
I live in Wenatchee and St. Anthony's hospital is no longer St. Anthony's. It is now called Central Washington Hospital.
I'm lostnative. I forgot my password and had to register again. It's been sooo long and frustrating. Thanks for letting me know. Now I know what I'm looking for.
Okay what kind of information did you have to have for them to look for records. I don't have a name of my birthmom or my whole name. I have my first name and my birthdate and some limited info of my hospital stay. Will any of that help? Or do I need exact names. I was born in 1973 so my info is very limited.
Have you sent for your non-identifying information (non-id) yet? If not, you should definitely do that. This info will help tremendously with your search.
You can get non-id from the following places:
1. County where the adoption was finalized (usually same county where adoptive parents lived)
2. Adoption agency, if one was involved.
3. DSHS, if social services was involved.
You should request non-id from all possible places.
Also, we have a free Yahoo Group that helps with searches and support in WA, OR, ID, etc. Just need a free Yahoo email account. Go to Yahoo Groups main page, and search for "washington adoption search" and you'll find us. : )
Good luck!
-Pennu in WA :wings:
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I too was born at St. Anthony hospital, and was put in foster homes til the age of 7, I'm looking for any family, I only know my parents names, I do have a twin sister, I know her name. I was born August 1967