Thank you to the birth mother I have never know.

To whoever the brave woman was.....

Thank you.

I pray that you are well. I pray that you are comforted by the knowledge that your sacrifice has allowed me to grow up in a family that was able to support me.

I pray that you were able to go on and have a family of your own. I am thankful that you did not choose an easier way,

I know so little of you, or your world. I believe you were a student at Cal state and being pregnant in college with your life before you must have been a chore.

I am thankful that you choose to give me my life, and I want you to know that I do not judge you, or your decision. I imagine that your handing me over to another was one of the hardest things you ever had to do.

Were you ever even allowed to hold me? I do not know.

I do know that my mother (the one who adopted me) has loved me. Things have not always been easy, (as they are not for anyone) but she has loved me. You would have been pleased.

I pray that if you read these words they might be a comfort to you.

I have never sought you out, but have been content to respect your decision. My info is posted in a few places, in case you should have ever come to need to know.

I am content to live in the knowledge of who I am. I am the sum of the experiences I have lived, and the choices I have made.

Some are good, others not, but I can not regret them for I am them, and they are me.

I hope you do not regret your choice, for I do not.

Please know that the little one you gave life to, has lived it.

Thank you.
That was beautiful...
and comforting. I am fighting with my views of my birth parents as I continue to search for them. I am upset with them some days, others I am just glad to be alive, as you said have lived. I too am thankful to my birthmother for not taking the easy way out. I would have never had the opportunity to hold my 2.5 year old twins, to see the beauty in their every day discoveries, the wonder in their eyes, their hugs, kisses, and completion of my soul. I have found in them the things that I have been longing for all my life, and for that I am grateful to have lived....thankful for the chance to experience all these things and more. I just want the opportunity to personally thank the woman who made this choice, albeit probably the toughest choice she had to make. I want her to know that her pain has not gone in vain, I have become a proud Daddy and I delight in that fact on a daily basis.....
C_Amos said...

I am thankful that you choose to give me my life, and I want you to know that I do not judge you, or your decision.

Please know that the little one you gave life to, has lived it.

Thank you.

Sooooooo Good! that is wonderful! i want to someday meet my bmom face to face and tell her thank you for giving me life. being an adoptee can be a strugle but the gift of life that i was given by my bmom is priceless and i will be eternally grateful to her for it. i do not want to up set my bmoms life but i would really like to meet her. she gave me so much some times i think that i should return the favor by allowing her to live the life that she wanted. i could not handle it if a reunion was painful to her. i do not want to hurt her, only thank her. thank you for shareing your beutiful note!
How Beautiful!
That is such a wonderful piece! I met my Birthmother, and the first words I said to her were, "thank you for the gift of life!" It is wonderful that you have such a positive outllook on adoption. I was adopted in 1966 and my sister in 1969. We had a wonderful upbringing and 2 loving parents that have married nearly 50 years. My sister has decided not to search... It is such a personal decision. I have never regretted my decision, but deeply respect my sister's and other adoptees like yourself. God bless you.

Smile Smiles to you--my fellow adoptee,
Jeanne Erickson

P.S. My birthmother has had her poems published on this very site!
I want you to know that what you have written here is what every birth mother wants to hear. I hope my little girl will be the same way. I am wating to hear back from her sometime soon. she is 16 now and her parents have requested I write a letter to her so I have done so as I have wated for this day. I am scared so scared that she wont see things the way you do. but thank you at least i know there are birth children out there that think this way. that really makes me feel better.
thank you!
That is so beautiful, I am in reunion with my son but it was hard over the years not knowing if he was okay and wondering if he was happy.

Pip Smile
Your thoughts are completely beautiful to read. Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts on the life you've lead. As a birthmom, I truly appreciate your post.
Thank you Hanna
I appreciate your words, thank you.
You said something probally every natural mother would want to here. Your words are amazing. I hope everyone has a chance to read this.
Wishing you all the luck in your search.
Thank you very much Tina!
:wings: Thank you Tina,

I really hope this post (and other great posts in this forum) are encouraging to all who read them. :thankyou:
A belated
A belated

"Happy Mothers day" to all the moms who visit this forum.

Thanks, :clap: :grouphug: :clap:
:grouphug: C_Amos, thank you :D Pip

I am a birthmother of 2 years...and i want to say Thank you soo much for that beautiful post. I hope my daughter when she is old enough to understand will "not judge me or my decision". I am often worred that my birthdaughter will hate me one its really comforting hearing an adoptees personal experience and point of view.

Thank you for sharing.. you brought tears to my eyes. :grouphug:
Thank you...
Thank you so much for that post.
it's an uplifting and inspiring post. thank you...:wings:
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