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General Searching Information for Adoptees born in Canada and taken to the USA.
If anyone was born in Canada and adopted by American adoptive parents and taken to the United States, contact the US Dept. of Immigration and obtain a copy of your Entry Visa. This form should show your full birth name. This is required for all persons taking up permanent residence in the U.S.
Post Adoption Services
Health and Community Services
P.O. Box 5100
Fredericton, NB
Canada E3B 5G8
Tel: (506) 453-2949
Non-Identifying Information
No fees. Update: As of Mid-October '96, there is now a 6-8 month backlog in processing these requests.
Passive Registry
No fee. Passive Register for Birth Relatives. Records are in the process of being computerized.
Active Search
No fee. Active search done on behalf of Adult Adoptees. More than 600 adoptees have requested an active search, but there is at least a four year waiting period for a search to begin.
Once offered routinely, but curtailed in an effort to deal with a lengthy waiting list. Members of the adoption circle are encouraged to seek private counselling.
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