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I was born In Richland, Columbia, S.C. on July 8, 1954. I am looking for any blood family who seek a reunion. I have five kids of my own.Please get in touch if any details match.
Yours, E. Dickinson
Hi Etty / Ethel --
I have just received results from my Ancestry DNA search, and I believe we are sisters. Please email me at or call me at 212 242-7173 or 917 399-5376 or send me your phone number. I live in New York City where I was brought up.
I had my adoption records opened and then hired a searcher, so I've gotten the facts. My brother and sister (mother's previous children) claim that a baby girl was born one year after me (that would 1954) who was named Melody. My half-brother Stuart claims he spoke with her: would that be you?
Finding them last May was fairly stunning, so I've taken a year break from further searching. Now with the information you posted, I am quite sure we are sisters.
Our mother was Harriet Kaufman (nee Rosoff). We are the children of her lover, Celestino Rubio (I don't think they ever married although she did go on to have two more husbands) who was a musician and composer. They met after she abandoned her husband and kids and ended up in the Catskills; I assume he had a gig there and she fled there to escape the scene at home. It has been my intention to resume a search for a full sister, although I was not at all sure one existed. Both half-siblings are somewhat odd -- given very difficult childhoods. I was lucky to be adopted, and if you are the daughter of these two, you are too!
I would love to speak with you. I've also posted this on the Ancestry site, so check it out. Hope to be in touch asap.
Kathi Jason