We are adopting a baby with Spina Bifida and Down sydrome. The county said that it would be subsidized due to the medical conditions. Now they are saying apply for SSI. They don't want to pay a subsidy. What can we do? If he is eligble for SSI doesn't that make him also eligble for Federal subsidy?
Thank you!
From my experience, your child should be entitled to both. The adoption subsidy is usually, at least here, more than SSI. THis child has a lot of needs. Keep advocating for the subsidy the child deserves.
if you go to nacac.org/adooptionsubsidy you will be able to look up the regs around your states subsidy policy. Also they havea a volunteer who specializes in your state's policies that you can call and ask questions about. I believe you are entitled to both SSI and subsidy. I think, however, the SSI is put to a means test (they take into consideration your income for qualification purposes) The adoption subsidy does not. And don't forget about the $10,000 tax credit - you should be eligible for that as well, and it can be taken over 5 years.
Good luck - don't let them not give you the subsidy!!!!!
We are in the processing of finalizing our daughter's adoption, and she has Down syndrome. We worked with a private agency for her adoption. In order for us to be considered for subsidy, The adoption agency who was placing our daughter had to apply for SSI. Once she was approved for SSI, then, we had to apply for subsidy PRIOR to finalizing her adoption. NACAC is a wonderful resource, and I spoke to a very helpful gentlemen, named Josh. Also, we live in Colorado, and subsidies vary county by county here. Hope this helps! Stacey
Thanks all for replying. We feel that our child deserves the subsidy so we will advocate for him. I will check out the site recommended. Thanks! Billie
Is this the little boy that was on the PA photolists? Are they sure he is also a down's child? He didn't look like it to me. I have 2 adopted girls with SB the oldest one is now 14 and was 7 1/2 months old when I got her. Her bio was so wrong and I knew if was when I first saw her. It said she was deaf, they tested her hearing 1 hour after she came out of surgery getting a shunt and the 2nd day after she had her back closed. She was still on pain meds that's why she didn't respond to the test. She can hear you wisper from the other side of the house if it's something she wants to hear.
Since he was a ward of the state if it's the same little boy I saw, he could get a state subsidy as well as a title V subsidy and a medical subsidy. If he was not a ward of the state then he would get a title V subsidy. Most likely he wouldn't qualify for SSI based on your family income. You have to be close to the poverty level before a child qualifies.