Looking for Vietnamese Birthmother
I was born in either late July or early August of 1972 in S. Vietnam during the war and am looking for my Vietnamese birthmother Trung Phong (spelling??). Just recently found my birthfater Dave Tomlin about 3 months ago. Any information, please write me back. Thanks!
More information on my birth mother
I just spoke to my biological father and found out some more information regarding my mother. He last seen her in Phu Thai, Vietnam....just north of Saigon. From what I gather from my adopted parents is that I was born in Saigon. She is probably between the age of 51-53 now. He also stated that when he lived with her in the village it sounded like people called her Young, but he still thinks her name was Trung Thi Phung (Sp?). I am going to attach a picture of her that was done on March 8th of 1972 by someone named Kim. If you have any information that might help me in my search or have seen my mother, please feel free to email me at angelk@umich.edu.

This is my biological father
I decided to attach a picture of my dad also. Thinking that someone might recognize him and remember my mother or at least her name.

This is my father Dave Tomlin. He is 52 years old this year. This picture was taken back in 1972. Thank you everyone!
Hi SonnyB!

Have you seen the PBS called Daughter from Danang? It was a documentary on a woman's reunion with her biological family. Here's the link in which you could find search resources specific to Vietnam. [url=http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/daughter/sfeature/sf_adoption.html]American Experience | Daughter From Danang | Special Features[/url]

Here's a popular Vietnamese search website
[url=http://www.van-online.org/]VAN - Home[/url]
Good Luck!
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