texas search angel
I have been unavailable lately and apologize for not responding back to people that have asked for my help. I had a death in the family and was not able to help. I am back now and am willing to help people that need it. I am a volunteer searcher and do this out of the kindness of my heart. If you need help, especially in Texas, I am more than willing to help. I too am looking for my neice and know that the search progress can be difficult. But just ask and I am here.

Thanks for the offer. I am helping a friend search for his BP's and possible BS's and would like to know if there is a format or sample letter that could be used as a model for requestiing information from the Bureau of VS in Austin and the Adoption Registry in Austin. We sent a letter to each organization asking for information but are not sure we asked the right questions. Also, next we are writing to the court in Abilene, Texas (if we can find out which one handled his adoption) and petition it to open his file. Here again we are a little lost as to the format and content of such correspondance. Any help would be appreciated.
He was born in Abilene , 26 April 1943 and his BP's are probably deceased but he might still find his BS's if he has any. We think his BP's names were Daniel and Margaret Linder and maybe associated with Camp Barkeley. That's about it.
Thanks again and God Bless.

Bob Haney

PS What is the information on the niece that you are seaching for?
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I am a female born September 27, 1961. I was adopted through private adoption. I have the attorneys name and delivering physcians name. I was born at Anderson County Memorial Hospital, Palestine,TX. Adoptive parents names Marion A. and Sybil A. Hunger. Just point me in the right direction please!
tired of dead ends
I have searched here there and every where. I'm begining to think maybe he doesn't know, maybe he doesn't care ? Searching for info on bson born August 22,1981 in Dallas,Texas adopteed thru Catholic Charities in Dallas, finalized thru the Ft. Worth office.
Although I did stumble on info at ([url]www.skylace.net[/url])

Thank You

Lisa M Gonzales
Still searching
I'm sorry about the death in yo0ur family. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.

I've been searching for 5 years now with no luck. I was born in Dallas, Tx in Dallas County at East Town Osteopathic Hospital on
9/24/65. My birth parents were still married but possibly seaparated. Judge Gathier opened my records for me in 1999. I
have searched the internet everywhere for my b- parents and so far I believe that my b-dad died in 1985/ This was a private adoption. If there is any help you might can give me I would appreicate it very much. Thanks and God Bless!!
Search for Nephew
Hi Sandy,

I am pretty nrw in the search but have had great help here at this web site.

According to the search person for Ohio birth search there were 3 boys that could have been my nephew.

2 were ruled out because of step-parent adoption and the other boy had found his birth family.


To protect the privacy of other people please use the Private Message option to provide identifying information such as full name, addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth

I do not know if there is a site in texas that he might be searching on do you know of any such site.

Thank you for your assistance in advance. Even if you can't help you are to be commended for your time and efforts for helping adoptees, and birth families:D
i need you help
I have been looking for a sister for a long time. When we were split up she went to live with her dad and i went to live with our grandpa in another state. She was two and I was five. I have her b-date and her fathers name. my grandpa past away before i could ask any questions. Like alot of people i have looked everywhere on the net. Counld you give me of advice? Thank you Alexis MiltonSmile
Could you help again and tell me where i could find death records in harris county. thanks
would like some help
I have been searching for approx. 10 years without any luck would love some help if you are able to give it. The attorney that handle the case was clyde whiteside, I have a letter fromthe wichita county probabtion dept telling my adopted parents about me. I believe my bfamily my have been from Okalhoma. the doctor that delivered me was Dr. Bryant.
Please any help that you can give me is appriecated.

Searching for Birth Son 7/28/84
I am sorrry to hear about the loss of your family member. My prayers are with you.

I am searching for my birth son born 07/28/84 at Duncan Memorial Hospital onsite at the Edna Gladney Center in Fort Worth, TX. The adoption papers weren't signed until Aug 11th I believe as I was ill after giving birth. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I am also searching for a Dorothy T. Baer who is my maternal birth grandmother. My mother was adopted along with her brother through Catholic Charities in Philadelphia in 1950 or 1951. Dorothy's date of birth is 11/11/1926. I have no marriage or death information on her and have been looking for years. I do have a application for a marriage license she signed in 1946 in Philadelphia, to marry a Joseph P. Beck but cannot find where the marriage actually took place.
Need search angel
Hi Sandy,

I was born in Irving, TX and am trying to locate my birthmother. I did successfully petition the court to have my records opened. Her name was Mary Louise, and she was 21 years old at the time of my birth (8/24/70). She lived in Smithfield, TX.

I was on adoption.com last night and found that she posted her information back in September of 1998. So, I know that she, too, is looking for me. I did reply to her via email but don't think I will hear from her, as it has been a long time since 1998. I know her driver's license number and her last address, though she has moved.

Are you able to help me at all? If so, please contact me at whitey0824@comcast.net.

Thank you in advance.

Laura White
First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for helping others with searching. It is very kind and giving of you. I know I would appreciate any help or pointers you could give me.
I was born in san benito, tx at Dolly Vinsent Hospital. My birth certificate states NONE of that but I was able to verify that through txvitals, and dolly vinsent was the only hospital open there at that time. My birth certificate states Precinct 2 with no hospital listed, & I still don't know what that means. My birthdate is 1-18-1971 at 3:33 pm, and I was adopted at birth. That is pretty much all I have to go on. Can you help me find a direction to go in?
thank you for your time, & good luck to you in your own search.
searching for answers
Thank God for people like you. I was born April 13 1979 in Houston Texas and placed for adoption at the Homes Of St. Mark. I am searching for my birth family, and I do not know where to start. It was a closed adoption, and I have no info on my birth parents. If you could help, please let me know. Thanks..
Hi Sandy,

Just checking in! Did you receive the additional info I PMd to you?
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