I have been unavailable lately and apologize for not responding back to people that have asked for my help. I had a death in the family and was not able to help. I am back now and am willing to help people that need it. I am a volunteer searcher and do this out of the kindness of my heart. If you need help, especially in Texas, I am more than willing to help. I too am looking for my neice and know that the search progress can be difficult. But just ask and I am here.
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I'm an adult adoptee in my 50's looking for help in locating my birth families. My closed adoption went through the Harris County, Texas Family Court. Around the mid 1990's I contacted the Texas Adoption Registry in Austin. I was warned that the process could be long & that even my birthday raises a flag that my birth could be approximated. In addition, I was still encouraged & advised that perhaps some information(i.e. a certificate #) on my adopted birth certificate can be cross reference to the original archives in Austin. But my first attempt should start in Houston. Over 10 years ago I cross referenced info from the downtown Houston warehouse logs. As I appeared without representation before a Family Court Judge my request to ask for my records to be opened was declined. The judge gave me no explanation & didn't even ask me why I was making the request. Since then my adopted father has died. My maternal adopted family supports my mom & believes I'm dishonoring the love I've received from my adopted families. Since I have been diagnosed with congested heart failure my life has changed tremendously. I'm very fortunate to have my 2nd pacemaker. Each new day brings the gift to inhale & exhale. Your support as a volunteer Search Angel is immeasurable....I'm new to this website & need assistance navigating to know where to look receive your reply. With a heart of gratitude I await your reply!!! Smarkle
I am trying to help my husband find his birth parents and i have come from one dead end to another frustrated tired and sad......
please help we have all of the non identfying info including a latter written by the birth mother as well as the case number court and all that ......
Male born houston tx at jeff davis hospital at 7:22 am
Thank you so so so much
and i am so very sorry for your loss:wings
You should look at this web site [url=]Texas Vital Statistics – Central Adoption Registry[/url] which is the voluntary mutual-consent registry. It's possible that his birth mother has registered and if he registers too they will connect them. Good luck.
Hi, I am searching for my birth family. I was born at edna gladney in 1978. I dont' know where to start looking. I have been given so much information on how to go about searching that I am at a loss for the best way to go about it. Thank you.
I am looking for a birth mom. Do you still help people reunite. I would love the help. Male born 2-17-1974 in tar rant county Texas. From Edna gladney agency
Hi - I'm searching for my half-sister given up for adoption in 1970. My mother was sent to Rest Cottage in Pilot Point, Texas to have her baby. She had her baby at Flow Memorial Hospital in Denton, TX. I have other information but would rather only share it if you think you can help me. Thank you in advance, regardless of whether you can help. I'm just appreciative that there are people like you out there helping people like me!
I have been searching for approx. 10 years without any luck would love some help if you are able to give it. The attorney that handle the case was clyde whiteside, I have a letter fromthe wichita county probabtion dept telling my adopted parents about me. I believe my bfamily my have been from Okalhoma. the doctor that delivered me was Dr. Bryant.
Please any help that you can give me is appriecated.
Hello. Do u have any more information on your biological family or anymore info about the adoption at all? I am searching for my half sister whom was adopted in 1977. Her Bio name was Sonya Marie Wilson or pool. Our family is from OK but adoption ook place in Dallas metro plex. Our mother lived in Wichita falls at the time of the adoption. thank you Deanna.
i need help finding my half sister. She was adopted out of Smithlawn Home. She was born 21-04-1984 by a sheri Parker who was 14 at the time. My mother is on the contact list and she stoped reciveing update letters once my sister turned 18. I would really love to contact her seeing as i was the only child after my sister. I just want her to know we have been trying looking for her for so long and that even though we dont know you we still love you and cant wait to meet you.
Im looking for someone named Paul Henry something...I dont know his last name. His birth name was Nicholas Blake Ryder born March 1, 1988 in San Antonio Texas. At the Time His parents (the adopted ones) were a social worker and a lawyer. His birth mothers name was Margaret Ryder aka Billie Ryder. I am looking for him because he is my half brother and I would like to meet him or at least know who he is and for him to know who I am. Im not sure if he knows he is adopted but if someone can help me I would really appreciate it. I dont know where to start searching and it is hard because this took place in texas while Im in a different state
My name is robert and I was born July 30, 1968 in bell county tx to sandra darlen bulis. My mother married my stepdad john myers in 1969 and he adopted me in 1973 in hunt county texas. I have been searching for the identity of my birth father for over 25 yrs without success. My family has been no help and refuses to help me find himf. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, I am trying to help my boyfriend find his half brother who was placed for adoption after his birth mothers rights were relinquished. I have the child in questions birth name, DOB, and his fathers name. We believe he was adopted out of Bryan, TX but we are not 100% certain. My boyfriend does not know where or how to begin his search, he just wants to meet him and see how things go from there.
Could you help me with this matter?
Thank You,
My name is Amy when I was 17 my parents forced me to put my child up for adoption. I am and have always been desperate to find my child. My child was born in Texas July 25-31, 1992. I can't remember the exact date. I was sedated during the week of labor-delivery. Any other information you are needing just please pm what you will need please
I hope you have made some progress on the search for your biological family, but if not, contact The Gladney Center for Adoption (their new name) and they should be able to assist you in your search. Here is their info:
Gladney Center for Adoption
6300 John Ryan Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76132-4122
I placed a baby with them in 1990 and when she turned 18 I made sure my information was placed on the Texas Adoption Registry (through Gladney).
Best wishes and Good Luck!!
Hi, I am searching for my birth family. I was born at edna gladney in 1978. I dont' know where to start looking. I have been given so much information on how to go about searching that I am at a loss for the best way to go about it. Thank you.
Hi!! I am trying to help my dad find his sister that was adopted at birth. She was born in San Antonio, Texas. My grandmother's name was Jo Maxine Herrera or Bullock. She would have been born 1957-1964, we dont have much to go on. Dr. Metzner delivered her and close friends of his adopted her. My grandmother has passed away.