I would truly like to attend a Birthmother's Day celebration, but I haven't seen anything advertised or posted anywhere that mentions an actual event. Does anyone know of a celebration in MD, VA, or DC?
I hope that you find the information you are looking for,
and if you go I am sure it will be rewarding to you.
I personally don't recognize that day. I am a mother
who lost her child to adoption. The biggest miracle
in my life was our being reunited.
Luckily my son calls me on Mothers DAY. On our reunion
I told him to call me whatever he was comfortable with.
He said "you are my mom, that's what I think and will
call you.
I know many bmoms who do celebrate Birthmothers Day,
and many who don't. I am a don't
Lady C,
I can understand and appreciate your decision not to celebrate Birthmother's day. Yes, you are your son's biological mother; and you always will be. However, I don't feel that Birthmother's day takes something away from a biological mother; It simply gives an extra day to acknowledge her and to let her know that people (the adoptive parents and her biological child) care about her. It's all about letting her know that she is important and not forgotten.
I have an 11 year old and a 1 year old both by adoption. I sent flowers, cards, and gifts for both Birthmother's day and Mother's day to each of my children's first mothers. Both of these young women are very important and I want to ensure that they know this always.
Unfortunately, I didn't find a celebration in the MDW area. Maybe next year!