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My husband and I are starting the adoption process with The Cradle in Evanston. We are interested in the Sayers Center for AA and Biracial infants. Wondering if anyone has adopted through this program? How was your experience? Were you able to specify a preference for AA or biracial? Any info would be greatly appreciated. We're excited, but overwhelmed, by the whole adoption process.
We recently adopted through The Cradle, but through their domestic adoption program. With the Sayers program, I'm not sure about preferences, but I know from mailings that placements are usually fast, like 3 months and under. If you have any other questions about The Cradle, feel free to PM me. Good luck!
domestic program
Thanks for your response Traci. How long did the domestic program take? I'm afraid the costs for the domestic program ($25K!!) are way more than my husband and I can afford. Since our main focus is to become parents, we will probably go with the Sayers program. We're just beginning the process though, so who knows what will happen? I looked into adoption financing after the informational meeting, and was disappointed at the lack of affordable loans to meet this financial need. We make too much money to get any grants or anything, but nowhere near enough to write a check for the whole thing. It'd be unfortunate if we were't able to give a child a home, just because the cost of adoptions are so high. I'd love to hear more about your experience with the Cradle if you'd like to share....
I'll PM you!
Hello. My dh and I are also considering the Sayers program. The domestic program is beyond our financial reach also. Our main desire is to bring a baby into a loving and happy home. The Sayers program seems to be the right choice for us. We are caucasian so there is the challenge of making sure that we give our child everything they need in terms of knowing/appreciation of their heritage. Are you also caucasian? This is all so overwhelming, it was great log onto this site and see others post about the Cradle, specifically the Sayers program. Please let me know any ideas/thoughts/knowledge you have about the Cradle and the Sayers program. Thanks, Jen

I am a nurse too !
My husband and I have just submitted our profile to the Cradle in Illinois. I would love to chat with anyone who has adopted through the Sayer's Center or who may be waiting to adopt. Please send me an email or PM.
My husband and I are currently going through the "match" process in the Sayers program. We've found it to be extraordinarily emotionally taxing. Domestic adoption is risky in any case (because birthparents so often change their minds) but the lack of information available to us was something we weren't prepared for. My advice to anyone approaching this program: ask lots of questions about how much support you'll get through the match process -- before you are in the thick of it.
IL aa/biracial
I have info on two other programs in Chicago that I think are great and that have programs for aa / biracial. PM me if you would like more info.
How fast was you process???
I have sent a pm to you about this agency and others in Illinois.


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Cradle-Sayers and any other IL agency
I would appreciate any experiences that some of you can share about the Cradle or any other agency in IL. Thanks!
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