My husband and I are adopting through WACAP. We think they are a great agency. Our dossier has been in Bangkok for 3 months now. People think that 3 months is a short time, but the wait is so painfully to me. The year before that we put our domestic papers in. The 3 years before that we messed around with the infertility, so it doesn't feel like just 3 months. It's been 5 years already! How do we get throught the next 18 months to 2 years. Does it really truly take that long? I've been reading the recommended books and all. My heart is just not in my work or anything else anymore. Thailand is definitely the country we want. I just want to be a mom.
Any advice?
I don't know how to make the time go any faster. But I can tell you my husband and I are awaiting a baby from Thailand. We have not had to deal with fertility problems but have decided to adopt from Thailand after working in an orphanage in Thailand. We fell in love with the babies, the monks who visit them, the people in the town we were in, and the ladies who worked at the orphange. We were close to doing China or another country that worked faster but are holding out for Thailand. I am spend too much time researching adoption and am driving my husband a little crazy only thinking about my baby in Thailand-that I don't know if is even born yet! I have decided to become a Big Sister in the mean time. Good Luck!
I hope you got your child! It took about 4 months from the time we sent our dossier to Thailand before we were allowed to travel. We got our son in January, 2002, and he's been our special boy ever's well worth the wait!
-- Mama to a Thai that binds her heart...
I have decided to become a Big Sister in the mean time. Good Luck!
I, too, have applied to become a Big Sister! It's a great program. I don't know if we will adopt from Thailand or not . . .but I saw your reply and just wanted to say hello to another aspiring Big Sister.
I'm actually seeking information about the orphans in the areas where the Tsunami hit. If there will be adoptions in six months to one year for those children . . . I'd really like to be considered! Does anyone know?
In the meantime, my deaf Guatemalan boyfriend (we have been together over four years) are also seeking to adopt a Guatemalan and/or Russian baby or toddler. We would gladly accept a hearing-impaired child, too.
Love and Light,
Angela (I really want to be a "Mommy"!)
We are adopting a waiting child through WACAP's Thailand program! She's special needs and has been waiting since birth. She's also a teenager. Are there any others out there adopting older kids through WACAP?
Hi WE have a som from Guatemala but i'm looking into another Adoption Cost timeline length of stay..could you help me? Who was is your agency? Cath`
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Hi, Cath
Honestly, and I hope no one wants to beat me for this one, but I wouldn't encourage you to adopt from Thailand if you want to do it with a year and a half. We have been ready to travel since our dossier arrived in Thailand. That was November, and now it's August. We have been in process for a year and 8 months now and we're adopting a teen w/ a disability!!!! I think it's ridiculous and a huge waste to make children wait for so long. The fees weren't bad (special program too through WACAP). We'll be in Thailand for nearly 3 weeks. We just received word that we'll probably be waiting for at least another month probably 2 months before we can even begin to make travel arrangements. I have heard there are much easier and faster countries to go China and Korea. Let me know if you have any more questions!
Rain- There's a high probablity that you won't respond to this but I hope that your child is now in your home with you! I was wondering if you knew what took so long. Why was there such a delay. Thanks!
Welderbeth -
Thailand's wait times have always been fairly long. Right now, they actually seem not so bad, given how wait times in other countries have increased. The U.S. State Department is saying that, at this moment, it could take 2 to 2.5 years from the time you submit your dossier to Thailand and the time you get your child.
Thailand is a Hague country, so all American adoptions from the country must conform to Hague requirements, as well as to U.S. and Thai laws. This adds a bit of time to the process, but helps to ensure that children, their birthmothers, and their adoptive families are not subject to unethical practices.
Thailand has more boys than girls available for adoption. Because most Americans request girls, you may find your wait longer if your agency allows gender choice and you specify a girl.