Reasons to be Denied?
What are reasons to be denied besides the obvious like criminal record. Can you be denied for, bankrupcy, lack of support system, or attending therapy for anxiety?
As far as I know according to Illinois law, no. They do look into your finances just to be sure that you can support a child but they don't expect you to be wealthy or even upper class.

As far as anxiety, I was treated for that also and even on medication when we foster/adopted and it was not even discussed.

That all depends. Most of those are not reasons for an outright rejection, but the causes behind them could be.

For instance, if you are bankrupt because you make so little money that you can't possibly pay for rent and food - let alone the credit card bills that actually forced the bankruptcy, then yes you could be denied.
If the agency has reason to believe that the money they send for the child's needs would be diverted to the family's bills, that would cause it too.
And a current bankruptcy where the courts are still deciding how any assets would be divided could cause a delay until that was all finished.

Lack of a support system could sometimes cause a denial as well. Not usually, but if a person had just moved into the area, knew literally no one, and had never raised a child before, then it would certainly make the worker hesitant.
But if you have some friendly neighbors, a stable job around other people with children, or anything like that, then the lack of knowing at this moment who your support would be may not matter so much.

And if you're attending therapy for anxiety, the worker would probably need a note from the therapist saying you have no barriers to being a parent. The workers need to know that placing a child with you (or the behaviors the child might have) would not cause you to have a bad emotional reaction. And that if there happened to be a reaction while the child was with you, that it would not be severe enough to impact the child.
But if the therapy is in the past, your reactions are small and short, and based on something other than feeling overwhelmed, then it might be fine.

The lack of support system coupled with therapy for anxiety might cause a problem - because it means noone to step in and help if your anxiety overwhelms you when you have a child in your care.

Good luck!
Hi Tancee,

Here in Michigan - especially with FIA in Macomb county - they go through you with a lice comb....rumor has it that it has been 26 years since a foster parent 'fell through the cracks.' After what we went through, I tend to believe it!

I won't bore you with the details, but lets just say that my husband was a saint and I had a rather colorful past. Even though I had kept my nose clean for the past 8 years, they did a back ground check on me that went as far back as my senior year in high school, people I was married to, and every state I had lived in. I wasn't too worried, for I had never done anything criminal. However, I did not expect some of the things that FIA seemed to have problems with.

They dug up things I didn't even know that I did! And every red flag meant more time stalled. Even though I was able to hurdle through every thing they pulled out of their bag of reports, I have to admit I bounced between being really annoyed , fustrated, to down right angry and hurt. There were days I wanted to give up, and there were days I wanted to get right in their face and say "Do you wish me to count and report back to you the squares of toliet tissue I use?"

We ended up having to pay out of our pockets ( which was $1000) for doctor notes and mental evaluations! Now don't get me wrong...I understand why they have to do this...but to the extent they went on our licence...well, it just boardered on harrassment.

It took us a about a year, from the start of classes to the day we ended up with that much fought for license. And within weeks, we got three foster boys - long term.

I did not tell you all this to discourage you. Just the opposite. If they do send up red flags on the background checks they do on you, (like bankrupcy, questionable acts, multipul marriages or depression, etc) and YOU know that it is nothing to worry about, keep fighting! Keep plugging on! Keep at them that you would be a terrific foster parent! Bite back the pride and ask the license worker what exactly do they need for you to prove you are on the right track now, and you are serious about fostering.

I didn't answer any questions, but I hope I gave you some hope! Good luck and hang in there!
I was denied before we even started classes because I went to counseling in college after my father died from brain cancer. Sad, huh?
Originally posted by cindy123456789
I was denied before we even started classes because I went to counseling in college after my father died from brain cancer. Sad, huh?

Yes that is sad, and very unfair to you.
How did they find out you went to counseling (after your father died)? Was it a question in the application process??

We've completed all of our stuff, except the questionaire and the HIV quiz. I haven't gone over the questionaire yet.....

What if my husband says he was spanked as a child, are they going to deny us??? Smile

He's such a gentle soul.

I can't imagine them denying people for seeing a counselor. How weird. You'd think that was a healthy thing.....rather than not dealing with it. ??
I spoke to the sw about that today. She said she will mail me a release for my doctor. She said anytime someone gets counseling they have to do that. I just wonder if you have to sign one for all the therapist you ever saw or just the last one you were receiving care from?
hi again
I was hospitalized short term for depression in North Carolina on three different occassions, 2 years apart, 15 years ago.(mother died, grandmother died and exhusband took off with my children)

I answered those truthfully on the paperwork, and had to provide dates, addresses, doctors names and medication taken (and no - after 15 years I did not know all of it, but I answered the best I could.)

I was doing great for the next eight years, and then hit a bump in the road of life. Seeing the signs of depression again (but wanting to take responsiblity and head it off at the pass) I saw a doctor for a perscription to 'get my head cleared', and I saw him like three months.

The following year is when I applied for the foster license, and I had to go back to him and get a written note saying what my problem was, what meds I was on, and if he thought this would be a continuing problem.

My doctor answered the questions. Then the state wrote back and wanted to know his personal evaluation of me, and if I would make a stable, committed foster mother, able to carry out the demands of motherhood.

My doctor was flaberghasted by some of their questions, and called me to make sure I understood what was being asked. I told him I had nothing to hide, and by all means, answer everything.

He did, but he did tell me that never before in his years of practice, had he never experianced such tenacity. He told them that I would make a better foster mother than most natural, normal women he knew!:D
Thank you for your reply. It makes me feel better about having to share that with them. I was feeling nervous that they would deny me because of it.

Thank you and Godbless!
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