Did anyone get a child from the Konakovo area in Russia? I got my little boy there and am so curious to meet and talking with other families.
My daughter is from Konakovo, Tver. We came home in October at 2 years old. We live in NJ. I would be glad to chat. Actually, I just spoke with the family that we traveled with today. They are in Ohio.
Schroeder's little guy is from the same baby house as my daughter. They are in CA. And someone on the board is traveling soon to Tver. They weren't sure about the orphanage yet.
We adopted our son from Konakovo back in 2002. He is perfect. We are going back for a second son. Did you have your 10 days waived ? I see alot of posts that people didn't have the 10 days waived. Our first adoption we did have the 10 days waived.
Just curious !
Callieoh and I adopted on the same day in Tver. We finalized in Oct. 2003 and our 10 days were waived.
I know someone who adopted in December and was waived and a person in the early part of this summer and it was waived then too.
I hope it is still the practice in Tver. It is one of many reasons that makes it a great place to adopt from.
Our daughter is from The Konakovo Baby Home in the Tver Region. Adopted her fall of 2008. Looking for information and pictures of the orphanage and area. We took lots of pictures of our daughter and not the orphanage. Would love to have that to pass on to her when she gets older. We would be so grateful if anyone can help. Thanks. Jen
I am so glad to hear about kids coming out of Konakovo. I know things slowed down a lot there due to more challenges. I will have to see if I have soft copies of any of my pictures. I didn't get a lot, but I had a few. But, I don't know if I have them as hard copies only.
I dont know about Konakovo per se(never heard of it) but my daughter was from Kashin in Tver region. I really have no idea how big Tver is. But we stood at the hotel Osnabrouck in Tver City.
If you have any more general questions I can answer those possibly. I cannot answer about your specific babyhome.
Best wishes,
Amy K, NJ
Amy is a different location than J is from. You pictures from Tver City and the hotel would be the same, as all of the adoptions from Tver are administred through Tver City. The location of the baby home is different.
The adoption agency we used rarely does adoptions from Tver anymore because of how difficult it has gotten and we were warned us about it. It was very difficult. LOTS more paperwork and medicals etc. for us. The 10 days was not waived. Requiring three trips. Of course it was worth it in the end, we have our daughter! I would be unbelievably grateful to get any pictures from The Konakovo Baby Home if there is any way to scan etc. I know walgreens does it. Just a thought if anyone was able to help with this. You have no idea just how thankful I would be to have pictures from there. I am so upset with myself for not taking more pictures.
We stayed at the Hotel Osnabruck in Tver,too. I would also apprectiate pictures from there and that area as well.
Mostly finding it very hard to find pictures and others from Konakovo. Jen
How does someone obtain a baptism record for a child
adopted from an orphanage(Konakovo) in the Tver region.
I would contact a US Russian Orthodox Church and ask them which authority maintains the records of sacraments, then try to find that authority in Konakovo, and contact them. You'll probably need a translator!