Florence Crittendon Atlantic City NJ
If anyone knows anything about the FCH in Atlantic City, I would appreciate it. My b-mother was there approximately between late Fall 1955 - up until my birth on April 23, 1956, when I was born in AC hospital. I was with her for 7 days til I was placed in foster care.
Are there any reunion sites for FCH concerning the NJ area, specifically Atlantic City? Been searching 32 years now, getting ready to scream once again, lol.
IF there are any b-mom who WERE at this particular FC home around the time period between late 1955 - April 1956, PLEASE contact me through here or MiFre9@aol.com.
OOps, sorry about that, didn't mean to post this message twice... (mina)

Have you found any info on F.C. homes in NJ? I don't believe any exist now. I am looking for one that was in Trenton.

FC home Trenton
Hi !

I know there was a home in Trenton but I'm not sure how long ago it closed down, I had a major computer crash last week and had to get a new computer, so I need to transfer all my files, such fun, lol. But I'll post if I find anything out. Smile

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FC home in Atlantic city
Did you find any info on this place? I think my mother may have been there. I am looking for my half brother. She told me very little about it because it was too painful to remember. I know she had him in August, but not sure of the year. It had to be 1967 or 68. Was this the only place you know of for unwed mothers in AC? She told me the home was definitely in AC, but I don't want to press her for more info. If anyone has info on this, please contact me!!!!!!!!
re: FC home in AC
Hi Colleen, there was only one FC home in Atlantic City, so it must have been the one that your mother was at. I beleive it closed in the 70's. I don't know where the records would be located now, as I've been told by a former doctor who saw the girls there that all records were destroyed. I doubt they were however. Did you try posting on adoption reunion sites such as Adoption.com or anywhere else? Chances are that your brother may be doing a search of his own. Good luck and keep me posted!
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Hi I was wondering if anyone ever came up with any info on this place --I know it no longer exists, but was curious as to where it might have been in the city. I currently work in Atlantic city. I am an adoptee born 11/4/69 at atlantic city medical and adopted through Catholic Charities and I figure there is a good my bmother stayed at Crittenton. Thanks for any info!

Reply to Kerry
Hi Kerry,

That's true, the Crittenton home is no longer there. I have been recently reunited with my birthmom, visited her in July of this year, and we drove to the site of the former home. I don't know where the records went, I beleive they were destroyed, as was told to me by a former doctor who worked with the home. Have you gotten your non-id info from Catholic Charities? You can write me privately at: jeanneclaire1956@aol.com, and also join my Florence Crittenton Adoption Search and Support group at:
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Hi, Mina.

I come here from time to time. Am trying to learn all I can. And there are good people here to get enlightened by.

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