how long to finalize adoption???
I posted this on the Oklahoma board but havent got an answer. So I thought I would try hear. My work gives an adoption reimbursment after the adoption is final. We have to send in a copy if the birth certificate with our names on it. My question is how long does it take to finalize an adoption? I would like to know specifically for Oklahoma since I know all states are different. I have searched the web and cant find it. I have thought to call my lawyer but at 200.00 an hour 28.00 minimum I decided this wasnt a 28.00 question and I would try my luck here
Thank you
We considered adopting from OK. We were told that finalization takes only a couple of months, is a very simple paperwork process, and you do not need to appear in court.

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The finalization and the birth certificate are two seperate things... in OK the time to finalize is 6 months from placement but you can request a waiver from the court to finalize sooner (we did ours at 4 months)... you DO need to appear in front of the judge but the whole thing only takes about 10 minutes. as for the birth certificate, once the paperwork for the finalization is filed, usually the same day as the finalization, you will then need to request a new birth certificate (which can also take up to 6 months to receive), we finalized in April and are still waiting to receive our final birth certificate...

let me know if you have any other questions....

Thanks for correcting me! Smile I was given that information by a referral service that frequently works with a lawyer in OK. It may be that out-of-state adoptive parents do not have to return.
The reason I asked was because my work has an adoption reimbursment program up to 5,000. I would have to send a copy of the birth certificate with the paper work for the reimbursment. I was REALLY hoping to take the 12 weeks FMLA off then not go back to work. Of course to get the reimbursment you have to be an active employee. Our expenses will probably be between 3-5000. But I really really dont want to go back to workUnhappyUnhappyUnhappy .
how long for birth cerificate
Bparents were from OK, finalized in GA, and it took almost two months to get the new birthcertificate after finalization.
I am praying for 2 months then.
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