I am going to be starting a line of jewelry for adoption to help with my expenses and to provide nice pieces for others (thanks for all your help Allison!!).
Does anyone know if there's a color associated with it such as pink is for breast cancer awareness? There may not be one because of course adoption isn't a disease but I am new to this and was just wondering.
November is adoption awareness month and topaz is Nov. birthstone so maybe that could be it?
How about a symbol of Russian adoption? I understand the ladybug symbolic to Chinese adoption... Thanks for any feedback!
That's a great question. If there isn't a color that symbolizes adoption, there shoud be, and topaz blue sounds great to me! Keep looking into it; I bet you could make some neat jewelry that would go over well with all of us on the adoption journey!
Good luck!
when i was in russia in april i noticed so many things made out of amber. it was an orangy color, some had black specks. they make jewelry and figurines out of it and it is in all of the local gift shops, hotels.
I'm so digging the amber idea!
Amber: Soothing, calming, cleansing. Purifies the body by absorbing negative energy, strengthens nervous system and lifts heaviness of burdens. (Source: Rosemary's site)
I don't know about y'all, but I could use some calming and soothing during this adoption journey! lol
I love Baltic Amber! I hope I can find some while I'm there. It's actually fossilized tree sap - the black pieces are probably bugs ala Jurassic Park. I don't mind wearing million year old bugs I think it's kind of cool!
Our coordinator and his wife gave me the most beautiful amber brooch and bracelet when we were there. It is so beautiful. I'm thinking this thread is on to something with respect to Russian adoption jewelry. I'd love to see somepieces when you've got a few done.
Amber - love it!
***This is a GREAT excuse to ask my DH for some jewelry!*** :p
Adding on to the original post:
When my niece was adopted from Korea, her mom gave me a pendant that means "aunt" in Korean. Anyone seen anything like this for "Mom" in Russian?
All you jewelry buffs out there should know! :p :p :p
No but I'm definitely looking into it! I make mother's bracelets maybe I can find Russian beads that spell "mom"...hmmm!
I'm doing a charm bracelet for our girlie. I already found a little airplane for it (Judith Jack has one painted enamel and marchesite).
I think that the charm with the word mother in Russian would be amazing!
Great ideas!
I just checked out the site and they have a white ribbon with a red heart in the center as the adoption ribbon. It's pretty cute.
Check it out.
That is a cute pin. I've never seen any others like it...I wonder if it's a universal symbol like the pink ribbon or if they created it? Still researching here...thanks for all your help!