I was so excited today because after a week of trying, I heard from not one- but two lactation consultants. Neither thought I was crazy for wanting to breastfeed. DH and i just finished our homestudy so I'm researching how to induce lactation. Not sure when we will be blessed with a child. Anyway, the lactation consultant mentioned reglin which she said has terrible side effects. She mentioned domperidone, which the FDA just issued a warning on, and fenugreek which I haven't heard much about. What works? Do I start with the supplementer and hope for the best? If the FDA issued a warning, why are so many websites still talking about the drug? Would really love to learn from someone's personal experience. The lactation consultant said I should begin pumping 6-8 weeks prior. Right now, I'm just a bit confused about what's so supposed to be a natural process : (
I take 3 fenugreek 3x aday. Breakfast,lunch and dinner. I can tell a big difference when I run out of fenugreek. My daughter is 5 months old and I am making a full supply for her. 3 ounces a day is great!!! Keep up the good work it is worth it
Where are you all getting your DOM if you dont want to post it PM me. Also ... I have breastfed two bio kids for 2 years each... has anyone else done this? I was unable to pump out a drop with either one of them but I had more than enough milk. I just couldnt pump it. I am wondering if the fact that I have breasfed before will help or hinder me ??? if any of you have answers please let me know. Thanks ~Amy
I PM'ed you. I wanted to say though that I did breast feed my bio daughter. I dont know if that helped me or not. I have a high prolactin level though and that has helped. It won't you that you have breast fed before. I couldnt pump with bio daughter either. I couldnt get milk to let down. Get a good pump. The pump In Style is a good one to use. Have you found the web site Ask Lenore . com. I actually just got back from a LLL meeting. They are so excited that I have induced lacation. I was going to nurse even if I didnt make a drop of milk. I have the lact-aid that I was going to use if I needed to supplement or use just that.
I am an adoptive mother who NEVER got pregnant. I successfully nursed our newborn daughter when she was 45 minutes old.
I not only nursed her I also stored (froze) an average of 20 ounces a day. Needless to say I was one of the lucky ones who didnt need a supplemental system.
I was on the birth control pill called Yasmin for three months, Domperidon for 5 months, and fenugreek for the entire time I nursed which was 6 months I also ate oatmeal three Җ four times a week.
There is a fantastic site that can tell you about the different protocols, short-term preparation and long-term preparation. I took my doctor a copy of the protocol and she created a prescription that could only be filled by a Compound Pharmacy.
Yes it was hard work, I invested in a Medella Lactina hospital grade pump (well worth the money) yes at times it was exhausting and frustrating.
Being a first time mom I have to say it was the most incredible experience (next to seeing my daughter being born) to be able to nurse her and have that special time with her.
Keep in mind that even if you dont produce milk it is just as wonderful to hold your baby to your breast and let him/her suckle.
Hubby bottle fed occasionally and I nursed, she never got confused :)
Don't know if this was a side affect however my daughter hardley ever spit up and did not have any type of digestive problems, my neighbor had a bio daughter that was a few weeks younger then Star, her baby had serious digestive problems.
I am always cautious about recommendations since the rules have changed. If you are interested in the protocol send me a PM and I will gladly fill you in.
I will also give you the name of the pharmacy that I used.
Take care and lots of luck,
Has anyone noticed weight gain with using domperidone? Even if that's normal, I must say I'm encouraged by the last few posts. Preparing for breastfeeding makes me feel like I'm doing something while we wait for placement.
I am Canadian and although I didnt nurse my adopted children - I did my biological children and had to use domperidon to maintain my milk supply at a certain point. Our doc was VERY clear that it was a completely safe drug that is given to CHILDREN/infants with digestive problems - but a "side effect" so to speak of this children's digestive drug is that it increases milk supply in women. And apparently (if you belive the news) there are about a million online pharmacies that send perscription Canadian drugs to the states. And yes - our drugs are COMPLETELY safe.
Regarding weight gain, I'm currently taking domperidone, and noticed a sudden weight gain about three months after I started taking it. I was thinking it may have been my body trying to mimick the body fat levels of a new nursing mother who has just given birth. It was a very strange thing. I've never had a quick weight gain like that in my life. I had to go buy new pants! It's certainly worth it for the opportunity to breastfeed. It sounds like you may have experienced weight gain as well. Incidentally, I haven't been able to take any of the weight off in a month of exercise and healthy eating. I think it's here to stay until I'm done breastfeeding.
I also wanted to respond to the pumping discussion above. I was doing great pumping until about three weeks ago. Now I get just a little milk right away, and then nothing, even though I know I'm full. The only way I get the rest of the milk out is by hand expression, which makes my hands (and breasts) tired! Has anyone had this experience? I think I'm just not letting down anymore. The pump is only extracting the milk in the channels between the ducts and the nipple. The ducts just won't empty. Any advice? I already spent money on a pump (ameda purely yours), and I done think I can justify buying or renting another.
One more thing...I had a lactation consultant (who has induced lactation experience) tell me that having breastfed before will make inducing lactation easier.
I took Yasmine for 2 months and have been on Domp for about 9-10 months. I didnt gain 1 pound. I know some woman do though. I am still taking Domp and Fenugreek and my daughter is 5 1/2 months. I am making a full supply and have a freezer FULL of milk but I have been scared to wean off the Domp. I am afraid my milk supply will drop. I know that you can slowly wean off it but I am still doing the full dose. It is well worth the work involved. It is tough to do all the pumpings while waiting for your little one. It made me feel like I was getting to do something. I thought I would have always wondered "what if." Im so glad I did it.
Interesting that taking dom seems to be a major factor for you having a milk supply. I have gotten lazy about taking it several times, and haven't noticed a change in my supply. Of course, my supply is relatively small right now anyway (3+ oz a day). Sometimes I think I could go off cold turkey and still see about the same results. I guess it just works differently with different people.
How I wish I could have breastfed my son. We only had two days' notice that we were bringing him home.
I would love to breastfeed our next child (if we are lucky enough to get another babe). Have any of you had cysts in your breasts and still be able to breastfeed? Mine can be really sore at times. Just wondering if it would be really uncomfortable.
Thanks in advance.
How far in advance did everyone start pumping? And which pump did you use? We don't have a placement yet but would it be bad to pump for example 5 months prior and store the milk?
I have a few questions. I drink 1 cup of Mother's Milk tea a day (I love it BTW) and pump for 5 min. on each side a day and have seen nothing. For those of you who took/take the dom. do you have to take the birth control pills? I would rather just use the dom. alone if possible. Also, who did you go to to get a prescription for it?
You may need to pump quite a bit more than that. The LC I initially spoke to told me to work up to pumping every two or three hours for 15-20 minutes at a time. I never got that far. I pump about 4-5 times a day for 10-15 minutes (double pumping...both sides at once). You can get dom on the internet without a prescription. I could not find a doctor who would prescribe it because of the FDA warning. I purchased mine at (new zealand based). I never took the birth control pills, but now that i"m having trouble getting my supply up past 4 oz a day, I'm kind of wishing I'd done something more aggresive like that in the beginning.
I took Yasmine B-control pills for 2 months and pumped for just about 1 1/2 months. You can just take the Domp.You dont have to take the Yasmine. I get my domp from also. I love nursing my little one. I am so glad I went for it and tried it. I highly recomend that if you want to nurse then you go for it and see what results you get. Get a lact-aid or SNS and supplement if you need to. Most woman make at least 1/2 their babies needs.