The child I will be adopting is due August 30, 2004. I have rented a Medela Lactina breast pump and want to attempt to induce lactation. I don't want to take domperidone. I know I can get herbs to take and will be doing that. My question is how do I know how often to pump, how long to pump, what setting to use on the pump, etc? Also, anybody had luck producing milk without domperidone?
Most women who do have success with just pumping follow the 10-15 minutes every 3 hour rule and you do need to pump during the night to help tell your body that it needs to produce milk. It's a commitment - but any stimulation is great - just remember to use some sort of lubrication when pumping or else you may get really sore..
Best of luck to you - adoptive breastfeeding is the best thing I've ever worked so hard for!!
Breastfeeding your baby is a wonderful experience. For those that need help to breast feed or are on the go, using a [URL=""]Evenflo[/URL] breast pump is a huge help.
If you choose to use a breast milk pump like [URL=""]Evenflo[/URL] breast pump make sure you dont pump too often or else youҒll over produce milk. This could lead to some complications. Only pump in substitution to a feeding, not in addition to. Take some time to research and educate yourself on the advantages to breastfeeding your baby.
[URL=""]Evenflo[/URL] also has a brand new, more powerful model in the Comfort Select Performance Dual Auto-Cycling Breast Pump. Its dual motors allow for faster pumping in a shorter time, with a quicker flow of milk. Also included are 2 additional overflow valves for additional convenience. The automatic cycling simulates the suckling patterns of a baby effortlessly, and the same adjustable vacuum control dial maximizes efficiency and gives mom just as much control as she has with the manual pump.
I was able to build a full supply with pumping, herbs, and Domperidone. I was not able to until I added the Domperidone though. I think I actually have less side effects from the Dom than the herbs. I did not have to take BCP though. I am not working on building enough to nurse my son and the new baby.
I tried the route you are taking. It did not work for me. My daughter wouldn't nurse until I was making milk, even if I used the Lactaid. Herbs did nothing. Pumping with herbs did almost nothing. Pumping with domperidone worked great and I got enough milk to get my daughter to nurse. I quit pumping and just nursed plus domperidone and I got a full supply and kept it after I quit the domperidone. Off domperidone for over a year now and no problems with supply. I had no side effects with the domperidone except possibly weight gain, but then all I did was sit on my butt and stare at my gorgeous baby.
Good luck.
The most efficient and effective breast pumps for initial usage as well as for maintaining the milk supply are the hospital grade pumps. A breast pump stimulates lactation in women and can be used to continue lactation to recover from pregnancy even when the pumped milk is not used. There are many brands like [URL=""]Ameda breast pump[/URL] and Medela Breast pumps which are safe and easy to use for the working mothers.
well I am trying to do same thing i been taking herbs and meds and still only drops i am getting frasted i been at this for 5 weeks now but i pump 4-6 times a day i only have melida hand eletric so i dont know if it doing the job at all as i am getting more drops but no flow or squarts so any help for both of us would be good .
You need a better pump. You need a hospital grade pump where you can double pump. You can rent them, you don't have to buy them.
you could also buy one of the better quality double electric personal pumps....a Medela Pump in Style or an Ameda Purely Yours are what I used and they both have done well.
Medela Pump in style Traveler- Double electric
i am bidding on this one cheaper than hireing
here we have to pay $50 bond $30 a week
this is what i am buying
The thg i don't like about that is that it doesn't have a suction speed button. For me, that is a very important feature and I get WAY more milk on the slower speed setting, because it is more like baby's sucks once let down happens.
Thing is we dont have a breastmilk bank in our town and my ado son is 3 in usa till i build milk as he has ms and a tummy disorder he needs breast milk to survive how would i get doner breast milk in new zealand christchurch or any other idars would be apprated many thanks to all you women
I know the thread is old but I didn't think it was necessary to create a new thread about it. Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth, since it may give you a bit of hope. Power pumping helps me a lot with my milk supply.
So glad I found "STARTBF247" ❤️ in Google and got Dom.
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