Looking for my sister born at St. Mary's Hospital in Richmond, VA on November 24, 1966. Probably named Noel.
She was born to Virginia Caroline Powell and immediately put up for adoption.
She was possibly illegaly sold as part of the black market adoption ring that was prevalent during that time.
Have you tried contacting social services?
Also, you may want to register with the ISRR. And I would post on as many sites as you can find. There are tons out there.
Good Luck in your search,
I know a Noelle born 12.22.1968 however I do not believe she is adopted. Probably a popular name for December babies.
I know this is quite an old post and I'm hoping it's not necessary anymore because you've found Noel, but Children's Home Society of Virginia is one of the oldest agencies in Richmond and located near St Mary's. They work with reuniting adoptees with birth families. It might be worth a shot to check with them.