I have become a foster mother to my 2 year old nephew and he calls me mom. He visits his birth mother and calls her mom too. I have tried to tell him that I am auntie but it hasn't helped. I will be his foster mother for approx. one year and possibly adopt if his b-mother doesn't get her act together. What should he call me?
I have a foster daughter that I have had for 16 months. When she was able to verbalize, she called me mom. I did not know what to do in the begining, but I figured out that it is natural for them to call us mom considering we are the one that meets there needs, comforts them, feeds them. I feel that this is the consequence that ** face when they make bad choices. I try and teach my fd that ** is mom also, but she doesnt buy it There is nothing we can do by the way Iam adopting her soon so I dont worry about it anymore Hope this helps