I'm a single foster mom to 4 teenage boys, 2 are siblings and 1 of the siblings is mentally disabled (IQ 52, actual age 14, mental age 5) and a client of Inland Regional Center.
I'm certified with a private foster agency and receive the standard FFA foster rate for the boys ($750 each).
I'm interested in adopting my 'special' boy. He was removed from a very bad situation and I'm afraid he'll end up back with his parents when he turns 18. He's very attached to me and vice versa! I've learned to love WWE wrestling, LOL!
I am disabled also (heart condition) and receive Soc Sec Disability. I'm trying to figure out if I can 'afford' to adopt. The cost of living in our area is very expensive (rent $1550). I have no debt (no credit cards, car loans or personal loans). I spend everything on the boys so they can be like other kids, including $300 a month for allowances and extra money for movies, video games, etc.
1) Regional Center doesn't pay my FFA extra because they aren't approved providers. Will they provide $$ to me directly if I adopt?
2) What would I expect the adoption subsidy to be for a mentally disabled child? He cannot be left unsupervised, cross the street or read (he can count to 50 and knows most of the alphabet).
3) If I adopt, he will receive a 25% rate of my Soc Sec check (the other 25% goes to my bio son). Is this subtracted from the adoption subsidy from the county? He is also eligible for SSI on his own (that's why his parents are eager for him to turn home).
His county social worker is young and told me to contact an adoption social worker. I'm waiting for them to return my call.
I can only tell you what I know. When we adopted our little one he was a regional center client. We were receiving a special needs foster care rate of 532.00 and the AAP went up tp 1702.00. So our payment incresed almost 1200 a month. As long as he is a RC client you will receive RC rates.Plus you should be able to get some respite care also.I am not sure how much but some.
Sorry i fogot about the SSI question. No you can't collect ssi and AAP.You would most likely collect AAP till he is no longer qualified and then collect SSI.
Mary, thank you for answering!
I did finally get a return call from Riverside County and no one in the Adoptions section knew what I was talking about! They kept talking about the basic foster rate. They finally let me talk to a finance guy, but he was the one who issued checks not who approved the AAP.
For Regional Center rates, is that set up by the Adoption worker or by Reg Center?
I wish my foster agency social worker had explained more about Regional Center. There are things I want to have for Matt, including therapeutic riding and music enhancement.
Thanks again, I appreciate your time! :)
Ok this is how it was done with our son.Our adoption worker sent his file to the RC and they Rated him. In our case the RC stated that it would cost them xxx amount of money and thats what we requested on our AAP paperwork.There is a spot on the paperwork where you state the amount you are requesting.Never sign these papers until you are satisfied with everything on them.The fact that your adoption worker doesen't know what you are talking about scares me. You might try talking to someone in sacramento. Here try her.
Ms. Ty Starks Morgan
Eligibility & Funding/Rates Policy
Department of Social Services (DSS)
744 P Street, M.S. 29-12
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 951-782-6600
Fax: 951-782-4985
Mary, much thanks!
What seems to be different for me is I'm a foster parent with a non-vendordized agency. I guess I'm scared that RC will says "hey, we aren't paying anything for him now, so why should we start?"
He has been evaluated by RC, but I don't have a grade. I think they said "mildly retarded" but his IQ is 52 ... that seems "moderate" to me? He will never be able to live on his own (he reminds me of Dustin Hoffman in Rainman, but not as high functioning).
Thanks again!