I just read in our agency's adoption packet that "most home studies expire within twelve months after date of completion."
Did anybody have a court date more than 12 months from the Home study completion? Did you have to update the Home study or at least some part of it? Is it strictly the Judges/region requirement or is it the agency's rule?
I appreciate any input on this issue.
Funny you should bring this up! Our homestudy expires in October and we will likely have court in the end of September. We had our homestudy agency write an addendum which stated that nothing has changed and that the current homestudy still stands. New date, new signatures, also notarized and appostilled. :)
Thank you, EJsDad. I guess it does expire. But it is not so bad if we only have to get an amendum from the homestudy agency (assuming that tha homestudy agency's fee is not so high for this document and that they don't require new medicals for that).
Our homestudy will expire at the end of September. So like EJsDad, we also had our agency do an addendum. Just a couple of paragraphs stating that nothing had changed. There was no charge for the addendum.
You also mentioned physicals. I'm not sure about all regions but in most of them the physicals have to be within 3 mths of your court date.
We got a referral last month and quickly had our physicals redone. Unfortunately we lost that referral. I'm hoping that we get another referral before these new physicals expire. I wish now that we had waited between trips to get the physicals done. Hindsight is wonderful!
Hope this helps!
The cost for the addendum depends on your homestudy agency. Ours was $100. Don't forget that this addendum also needs to be notarized and appostilled, so that can cost extra too.
We did our medical reports just after receiving our referral and WE are worried about them expiring before we go to court! Hopefully we won't need to update those as well or else it's another trip to the doctor's office, more notarizations, certifications and apostilles to get them done in time (i.e. more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$). It gets old after a while!
I am so sorry to hear that you lost your referral. My kindest wishes to you for a speedy referral and to meet your baby soon!
Thank you for your reply and the hints. Isn't it ironic that when we wait for our referrals, time goes so slow. But when we talk about our medicals and the homestudy, the expiration dates come so quick. I wish it was other way around.
we live in CA also. I know what you mean by $$$$$$$ getting old after a while with all the certification/apostilling fees we had to pay, and apparently we are not done yet. You are in my thoughts for your soon court date (before your physicals expire).