What to wear to court?
Hi, I have a silly question? I was just wondering what to wear to court? Do I wear a dress and DH a suit? Are slacks acceptable? I am just curious what other wore so that I can pack appropriately and not offend the court. My agency has only said business attire.

Thanks for you help.

Pretty much what you'd wear to court here. DH should definitely wear a suit. You could wear a suit or a professional-looking dress (not, say, a cocktail dress or a sundress). If I remember correctly, the prosecutor at our hearing wore a pants suit, so that's probably okay, but I would (and did) go with a skirt or dress.

I wore a knee-length dress and a jacket. When the jacket was buttoned up, it looked like I was wearing a suit. DH wore a suit and tie.

Also--bring a travel iron. You'll feel more confident in court if your clothes are wrinke-free.

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It was pretty cold when we went over, I wore a black skirt and a sweater, my husband wore nice pants, shirt and tie and a wool sport coat and they were fine with that. Hope this helps.

I bought a fabulous suit (skirt and jacket) for court (had to bribe hubby to let me get it!) DH is also wearing one of his suits. I know others that have worn a pants suit - and they were OK. Our agency said to wear a dress/skirt/suit for women and a suit for men.
An actual "suit" is not necessary, but a jacket and tie would be appropriate. I wore a jacket, slacks, dress shoes and a tie to my court and my wife wore a nice dressy blouse and long skirt (black) and we fit in with everyone else at the court house. Smile
DH wore a suit and tie, I wore a nice sweater and skirt set (one appropriate for any important administrative event) and my son wore khakis with a shirt and tie.

I suggest wearing what you feel appropriate for court anywhere...old, new...just be comfortable and presentable while not appearing to dwell or flaunt it (our coordinator's advice).
Court attire
For our court date I wore black slacks and a very nice blouse. DH wore dress pants, shirt and tie. It was very formal, but not overly formal. Our coordinators assured us that suits and skirts were not needed. I'm sure that ever region is different though.
The dh and I both wore dark, business-like suits. We were told by our Russian coordinator in St. Petersburg, that we were dressed well.

I wore a long black skirt, black shirt, black jacket and black boots ( I love black, hehe) and my dh wore a suit and tie.

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It was cold but DH wore a suit and I wore a pantsuit. I think the rule of thumb is to look "professional". Hair, make-up, etc., a polished look.

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