ISO Birth sister, we know you were born in Ft. Lauderdale and delivered by Dr. Herbert Topol.
We have been looking for a very long time. My mother and father never gave you up for adoption.
The circumstances may sound odd, so I will give more detials in any private messages I receive.
You were born in June of 1965, your actual date of birth was between the 21st and the 27th, but your birth certificate was probably altered drastically.
You have three sisters (one deceased) and one younger brother.
The hospital was called Dr's General or something similar. We have been waiting for you for 39 years.
Your father has brown hair brown eyes 6'3"
Your mother has blonde hair green eyes 5'7"
Your youngest sister has brown hair and brown eyes and is 6' tall
Your middle sister has blonde hair and blue eyes and is 5'8"
Your oldest sister had light brown hair and brown eyes and was 5'3"
Your brother has brown hair and brown eyes and is 6'5"
Please find us! Our hearts have always had a void...
The information you posted sounds similar to mine. I was born in June, in the broward county area (not sure what hospital). My birth parents had 3 siblings when I was born and my mother was 5'7 with green eyes. That's the unidentifying information I was given by the state. Someone told me the same thing you said, that the birth certificate can be altered. I am 5'5 with brown hair and green eyes. My email address is Contact me if you would like to look into this a little more, or you can contact me through this website.