Personal friends of mine adopted 2 older children last year from the Vladimir region. The children are both teens now.
The children were part of a large family and remember distinctly being removed from their parents home
along with their 3 younger siblings. Some of the older children remained in the home. The teens believe
that 2 or 3 of the younger children may have been adopted from about a year ago to as much as three
and a half years ago. Possibly to the same family; possibly to different families.
They loved their siblings and have grieved and worried about them to this day.
This is the information we have:
Mother's name: Burova [Edited To Remove a Identifying information for confidentiality purposes.]
Father of the younger three children: Sorokin
[Edited To Remove a Identifying information for confidentiality purposes.]
Youngest three children:
Sorokina Natalia, 12/23/94,
Sorokin Roman, 6/4/97
Sorokina Anastasia, 1/14/99
My friendҒs children were born in Soroguzhino Village of Vladimir, adopted from Sobinka orphanage in Vladimir.
We are unsure in which orphanage the younger children may have been.
It would give the teens so much joy to learn the fate of their half siblings (same mother)..
E-mail/PM me for the family's e-mail address.
I can provide more information privately if you wish.
If you wish to maintain your familys privacy and do not want direct contact, a social worker or agency could be used
as an intermediary to deliver a letter.
[Please be respectful of the birthfamilies right to privacy҅by NOT posting their full name and date of birth on a public forum]
Just wanted to add that if anyone is looking for siblings, please be sure to register at the sibling registry
My two children were adopted from Yuriev-Polskiy Orphanage, Vladimir Russia. Their birth mother is Natalia Burova. They were born in 1996 and 1999, were separated in August 2001, adopted in October 2002. Records indicated at the time there was one older child, adopted out before they were born, so I do not think this is a match to your post, but wanted to touch base, just in case. If it is possible my kids are mis-remembering their household, let me know if this could be a match. We suspect we are looking for one brother born 1993 or 1992, and probably adopted into America. It is also possible there may be younger child(ren) born after they were separated, but this is unknown, just suspected. My kids would be interested in making contact with any siblings out there.