Once TPR happens, how long does it take to adopt?
My caseworker told me they are filing for TPR and we should be in court by January. If the judge orders the TPR, how long does it take to adopt?

Well, in Kentucky, after the TPR the parents had 30 days to SAY they were going to appeal. If they do this, they then have 60 days to present the actual appeal in writing to the Appeals Court. In our case the parents never did the 2nd part. Their time was up on June 12th. It took until October 8th for the Appeals Court to throw out her appeal. We are now in the beginning stages of our adoption and our worker says it will take 4 to 6 months.

Hope this helps and that the timeline for you is much shorter.

It depends on if it is contested or not. We were told that if it is not contested (and you have already been selected as the adoptive family) then they can grant tpr and adopt at the same time. If that's the case it is just a matter of getting a courtdate 30 days after filing. If it is contested and goes to trial then it can take a little longer. In our state the bp's have 30 days to decide whether to contest and file a request to do so with the court. They are then assigned new attorneys and start the process that will end up with a trial.
TPR is being filed on my fs on MONDAY!!!!!!!!! I'm hoping for that 30 day thing- I'd LOVE to be "done" by the end of the year!
Do you have an attorney? If so is he/she pretty experienced in adoptions through the state? Ours told us he would ask for the soonest possible courtdate on day 31 after filing. The bp's ended up filing to contest on day 29 or 30, but in the end consented.

I would figure out how long they have to respond in your state and mark that day down so you can get things moving quickly if the deadline passes. Our cw told us that lots of times bp's wait until after the 30 days for whatever reason and the court will go ahead and accept it. At first I thought it was kind of bad that you could go ahead with the adoption even though the bp's might want to contest, but our attorney assured me that they are served in person a letter that explains in simple terms what to do and by what date. The worker also said that she believes some bp's wait until after the deadline and say they didn't understand or couldn't get ahold of anyone or whatever other reason because then it can be blamed on the state.

I'll just add you to my growing list of people to pray for getting consent on.....there is so much more peace for everyone involved that way.
I think New York gives the bp 30 days to contest. I have a feeling the ** will contest. It will be interesting though,because she is pregnant and due in December. She may sign away her rights to try to keep that child, but I highly doubt it. She is a fighter.

Don't know how much more of this I can take. I've just had about enough of this nonsense and just want peace and stability without worrying.

Thank you for your replies!
I JUST heard from the SW. TPR was filed! Now birthmom needs to be served. Biggest problem: she has moved AGAIN! SW gave multiple addresses to attempt to serve her. She thinks that she will be found and served quickly. I hope so!
My sw said she is filing this week and serving her this week. I thought that meant that it automatically goes to trial... you mean that if there is no reaction from the bp's then it automatically goes to termination?

That would be great for me, too. It's going to be interesting to see what happens in your case and in mine since they are both being served in the same week.

Good luck to you!

I'm in NC and I know states are different... Here if the bios have been served and there is no response, TPR happens 30 days after filing.
IN our case, the SW thinks the biomom may relinquish after she is served.
Well, Lisa, I'm glad to have someone else going through this at the same time, I know it will help me!
How old is the child you have now? Will you be getting the baby too?
I've been trying to adopt through the system for 6 years... Had 20 some foster girls, took this first boy in June and *poof* he's the one we get to keep! That gives us three boys... and one girl- we're hoping for one more girl down the road. We're hoping to work with the county our boy came from- they have been far and away the best we've dealt with!
I was told our case would take a long time. They are telling me that hopefully adoption will finalize by next Oct. The permanancy hearing is Dec. where the judge will sign TPR. I know there will probably be a trial on the mom. Dad has agreed to relinquish. I was told once our cw types up about 20 pgs of the case, it will go to the AAG (after being signed by the judge). She told me there is about a 6 month back up rather than their usual 4-6 week! We would be concidered an "adoptive placement" officially after Dec., and after recieving current care-taker status.
Hi all I'm in FL and my kids were TPR'd last Dec 16th. The birth father filed an exstention and didn't end up filing his appeal until August. I was floored that this is exceptable, i could understand if he has remained in contact with the children or even worked on his plan but he has not. He hasn't even seen the kids in 2 years and 9 months. The birth mother signed over her rights last October on my Daughters 6th birthday and that is when they were placed with us. Are next court date is Nov 17th and it is a status hearing. SO good luck it may be a long bump road ,but boy is it worth it!Smile
At least I only have one parent to deal with TPR on. I CAN'T imagine TPR taking as long as it is for you! WOW!
After tpr for us, it took over a year for the adoption. Dhs was sooo slow! We finalized on Oct. 12th of this year. The waiting for all the paperwork to stop sitting on everyone's desks was very frustrating. I hope other states are better about this! We live in Maine.
I have the **'s 2 1/2 year old and 4 1/2 year old. And I have decided not to take the **'s baby when it is due. I have one other that is 9 years old so I feel as if I'm at my limit.

mj77 and reeshaven,
Sounds like the both of you have a long road ahead of you. Maybe Kforkids and I have a long road too. My prayers are with you. I'm asking the Man upstairs for some reinforcement because boy does this require a lot of internal strength!

Ann, sounds like Maine is quite slow! Gotta look at the bright side...it teaches patience, right?! Smile
It sounds as if each state is different as to the requirements, and I'm still learning the ropes here.
I'm stressing- looking for a little hand- holding.

TPR was filed last Monday on my fs. The SW figured biomom would be served quickly. She has not yet been served! She did not show up for last week's visit... First time that has happened (although she has missed other visits, but has never just not shown up). The timing seems to be a bit coincidental to me... This week is short due to Veteran's day. I just HATE being unsettled.

Lisa- what's going on with you and your case???
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