My caseworker told me they are filing for TPR and we should be in court by January. If the judge orders the TPR, how long does it take to adopt?
Just wanted to offer a little hope. The bp's in our case also said they would NEVER sign and would fight it to the end. Mom had tubes tied so we thought they probably would feel the need to fight. Well out of nowhere they asked to meet with my dh and myself and said they had decided to relenquish. They followed through and we are scheduled to finalize in a month.
Pray, pray, pray....miracles do happen. Are you allowed any contact with the bps? Ours told me that it was through getting to know us and seeing how much we cared for their kids and at the same time always supported their efforts that helped them decide. It is a roller-coaster of emotion....hang in there.
kforkids..your case is interesting. I am wondering if she doesn't show up and they can't find her to serve her will the tpr just keep dragging out until they do or will they set a deadline.
I am getting ready to go through this same situation with my fs and they told me it could take up to 2 YEARS!!! because there is only one adoption specialist for the 5 surounding counties as the other two quit recently. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT.
It doesn't make any sense to me why they would keep paying us to keep these children month after month without just speeding up the process. Adoption Specialists are just cw's that specialize in adoption now. The one here used to be a regular cw like all of the others. Couldn't they get some of these cw to help with their own adoption cases. It just seems to me that the state is pouring all of this money out unnecessarily. I mean if they want to keep paying me just to keep the child that I plan on adopting that is fine, but I will never have peace of mind until those papers are signed.
The biomom worked at her boyfriend's farm. She left him AGAIN a couple of weeks ago. I know she had an out of town temp job for a week, but have not heard of anything since. I'm just not sure if she is working now or not.
It is, at least, a clear cut case.
I hate that you will have to deal with a trial. I'll be praying for a miracle for you!
I am hoping for a miracle in our case, too! I know TPR will happen- and I am feeling so much better today.... ;)
I never asked about a deadline. I'll have to ask the SW. How awful that you dealing with such a staff shortage! Our child's worker is the best I've ever dealt with. I know our fs is where she wants him to be and she will do everything to speed up the process. We did have one fd that stayed with us for 2.5 years, and then went home. We were told from day one we should be able to adopt her. It can be very frustrating.
I have been gone for awhile but I am back now. We have finally gotten good news and maybe it will give you a little hope. Paperwork was turned in to court in May and we finally got a court date for October 27th for TPR. ** was contesting and we had a trial b/c starting in May she went and completed just about all of her caseplan. The trial lasted about 1.5 - 2 hours and the judge ruled for TPR. Our baby came home with us from the hospital at 1 day old and turned 2 June 6th. It has been a really long road but we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel:)
Although we will start the process all over again soon with our 7 y/o and noone knows where the parents are?????
I will keep you all in my prayers.
Fosterma and Jolean,
Thanks for the words of support. I am hoping the biomom will surrender her rights. She is pregnant and is due in a few weeks, I'm wondering how she can focus on that baby and this case at the same time.
My case sounds like Joleans... they couldnt even find biomom for 3 months when the kids were first taken, then she showed up. THen she disappeared again for a month or so and then when the kids were in care for 9 months and they were talking about tpr, she started and completed the caseplan. My concern is that the judge will say she's made some progress, though not all and grant her more time.
I have a feeling, Kforkids, you will have an easier time of this than me!
pugsooie, I agree, it is amazing that they spend all of this money having the kids in care and complain they can't hire more people... well, IF THEY HIRED MORE PEOPLE TO DO THE WORK< THEY"D SAVE THE MONEY BY GETTING THE KIDS OUT OF CARE QUICKER.
Patience, patience.... this is Gods plan to teach me patience, right???
Lisa our birth mom was also pg will she be allowed to keep this child? In our case she relinquished in October and gave birth in February and the baby was taken straight from the hosp. I wish you all the luck in the world and hopefully the waiting will soon be over for you. Our status hearing is on the 16th. We were told yesterday that the judge is so feed up he may just say that is it I've had enough and deny the appeal.
If the biomom relinquishes her rights, here in new york, the case is considered closed and any future children are hers to keep. If she doesn't relinquish her rights, and the case is still open, the children will be taken. It looks as if she will not relinquish and will have the baby taken from her right away in the hospital.
Your case is way frustrating! If it was already tpr'd last year, why are they even listening to an appeal some 10 months later? Why didn't it go to adoption?
The birth father found some kind of loop hole and was able to file an extension. Like, I said in the past though he has done nothing on his plan, including find a place to live or a job. So at this point I'm not too worried, however early on we had a lot of issues with the maternal grandmother. She had custody of the children and did not want them any longer she said they were too much trouble. She begged the state to find them an adoptive home that would be open to them keeping contact. So we agreed but want 6 months of just letters and pictures. Which everyone agreed on. We had the kids 10 days and the phone calls started demanding a visit or they would remove the children from our home. Our case work just laughed it off and said they no longer have say over what happens. Because at this point their daughter had signed over her rights so legally (in FL) they were no longer related in the courts eyes. At this point we were receiving 25-30 phone calls a day and at all hours. Well to make a long story short they sued for custody and lost the judge found them on fit and basically ripped them apart. He said they were not looking out for the best interested of these children they were only looking for what was best for them, and that we were not their babysitters.
Our case worker was out last night. Court is Tuesday and she received a call yesterday from the judges office telling her to insure that the child study was completed as well as updating our home study and that we were present with our adoption lawyer. So she thinks he is going to do everything right then and there! But IҒm not going to get my hopes up. It would be nice though.
Well yesterday was the day. The judge denied the appeal and set our adoption date for 1/4/2005!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so happy and my cheeks are killing me from smiling so much. I must tell you I donҒt think there was a dry eye in the court room. So know the party plans begin and Im sure that before I know it, it will be January. Just thought I would share that with you in hopes that it gives you a ray of light!
We are sneaking up on things too! We got a letter yesterday telling us about a hearing on December 2- that will change the GAL, but that's also when we get the date for our TPR and adoption.
No, the GAL change is because an attorney GAL is needed for TPR. Somehow, this helps the process along- the one they are changing to is the "official" county GAL. (Don't get it, but that is okay...)
The GAL in my fson's case saw him while he was in his county of origin, but has not seen or contacted him since. We met her at the permanancy planning meeting, and she just raved about us. It was weird... ;)