Pediasure or Formula???
We've had a new arrival, T a 17 month old boy who is 19 pounds (5 lbs below the 5th percentile for weight) with 2nd & 3rd degree burns.

I'm tackling the burns and feel comfortable with that. I'm now concerned about the weight. We've only had T since Thursday night. He ofcourse wasn't interested in eating Friday morning, the whole adjustment process. But so far is a very good eater. I'm going to call the pediatrician on Monday as we haven't seem him yet. I thought it best to schedule the burn center check up first so I at least know how to care for his burns. Anyway until monday I'm wondering if I should supplement with formula or pediasure? T also has developmental delays and I don't know what else. I'm still waiting to get more info about all of it.


We've been through evals with Raj and eating issues but he's at the 26th percentile so we feel more comfortable just relying on food with him. But with T being SOOO little I just wanted to get people's opnions. Anyone been there done that?
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Wow you have your hands full, but I would just use your best judgement until you get to the doctor. I wish you the best and God bless.
Pediasure won't hurt him so I'd say go for it if you are really concerned. At least you'll know he's getting all the nutrients he needs. I don't think the ped will be upset by it at all.

Our soon to be adopted son was diagnosed as failure to thrive and at now 26 lbs :D still only wears an 18 mo. It's been a long 2 years with him.

Gosh, good luck with this baby and, especially, his burns! How absolutely horrible.

Thanks everyone,
T did very well this morning with the pediasure vanilla flavor. It looks like we'll be spending a fortune on it. But if it helps I'm all for it. I read on the pediasure site that WIC covers it. So I'll be calling WIC on monday to see if he's elllidgable for pediasure and what I need to do. I'm guesing since he's the weight of the average 7 month old he'll qualify since he's 17 months old.

His burns are 10 weeks old, so they're almost past the point where there's a risk of infection. We just have to keep them moisturized and keep him in a pressure garmet 23 hours a day. He loved his bath last night, DH helped with that one which was so much appreciated.

I think his weight may have just been a failure for the bioparents to feed him properly.

T has a little brother who is 1 1/2 months old. They wanted to place them together orginally, but after 3 days of moving them every night decided they would separate them. We just didn't feel we could handle a 1 1/2 month old period. Our age range is 6 months to 3 yrs. But we're willing to take T's little brother once he's 5 1/2 months. This way he'll be almost sleeping through the night and things with T will be more under control. It looks like the 2 boys are going to be in care for quite some time.

Well, got to run to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, of course the state didn't arrange for his medical insurance properly so we've had a delay on prescriptions (don't even know what medications they are.)

Leenab if you get the pediasure perscribed, Medicaid should be able to pay it.

My two year old fs came very underwieight to us last year. The doctor told us to give him pediasure twice a day. I thought expensive. The doctor referred us to a medical supply place and they deliver every month pediasure. They call a week before to see what flavors he wants and the next week its here. its great I dont have to go out. Now he is great on weight so he does not need anymore pediasure, but my fs loved it soo much he still asks for it. His last one was two weeks ago. So I guess ill get some fore once in while. So be sure if the doctor says to give him pediasure to get it perscribed so that way you can get it through wic or other places.
Just an FYI: The sugar in Pediasure gave our DD (18 lbs at 18 months) diarrhea. We supplemented with formula instead.

Good luck!
Another FYI: My friend's pediatrician told her to use Carnation Instant Breakfast for her son because apparently it has the same nutrients, tastes better, and it's a lot cheaper.

My son is in the -30% for weight and height, due to a genetic disorder. We fight for every ounce, and I've learned a few tricks to add extra calories to his meals. The first is that carnation instant breakfast mixed with whole milk does have more calories, nutrients, and is cheaper than pediasure (you can buy it in the store brand and save even more $$ too). And yes it does taste better. We use both pediasure and CIB for a little variety. Also, I mix 1T of canola oil in with yogurt, baby food, pudding, etc, and then thicken it back up with baby rice cereal. It adds 120-150 calories, and has no taste. I only do this 2 times a day. There are other additives you can add to the food to add calories, but you'll really need to talk to the dr about that, with him being so young.

I've noticed that if kids are underweight due to poor nutrition they gain fast when they start eating right. I hope that's the case with your little guy.

One more thing, you can get manufacturers coupons for pediasure, but you have to call every month and ask for them. I'm not sure if it's ok to post the toll free number here or not? If you pm me I'll give it to you though (it's not the one on the can).

Best of luck!

Back from the pediatrician: She wants him to be on formula instead of milk for the next two weeks, and then transition to formula. She's afraid he may have some digestive problems with the pediasure if we don't transition to it.

So we'll be giving him formula & food for the next 2 weeks, hoping he gets bigger. If we haven't noticed a change in a month we go back to the dr. for another option.

We also go to WIC on friday so hopefully he'll have formula & pediasure prescribed through WIC.

I met his little brother today at a visit and he's very very tiny for 3/4 months and will be 2 months in a week. He slept the whole entire time.

Gotta start dinner while T is taking a quick nap.

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