I posted this another forum. Sorry if this is a repeat for some..
I took my son to the dx today for his skin and he determined he had eczema. I have done a bit of reading online, but am a bit confused as to what I should do next. Our dx said to continue using the Aveeno Baby dry skin/eczema lotion on him mixing it with a .5% hydrocortisone cream.
I know from limited family history from his birthmother that her other children have sensitivity to lotions and perfumes. I use baby detergent and will stop using fabric softener upon the advice of my dx. I don't wear perfume unless I am going out on a date with my husband (and thats happened twice, i think, in the last few months).
Does anyone else have any other ideas or experience? Could eczema on only his face be a sensitivity to milk based formula? (he has no other symptoms).
Thanks for any advice...
My daughter has had this problem since she was placed with us. We have been using Auquafor consistently on a daily basis, but it really hasn't helped. Our doc prescribed a prescription steroid cream, which seems to help; however, if your baby is AA or biracial, be aware that steroid creams can cause discoloration of the skin (pale patches) in areas where it is used. Don't know if this will ever go away...
I would highly recommend giving this a try!! Look in the baby section, it is a blue and white tube of ointment. I think it usually costs about $8.00, but it is well worth it! It worked wonders on my daughters eczema.
It is a bit greasy. I would apply it liberally a few times a day, and if your child goes to daycare, I would buy a tube for there too.
Hi Jody, I would try the olive oil; we briefly, when our daughter was older, tried several Eucerin products, including Aquaphor. None did what olive oil did! Why do you think Sophia Loren still looks so beautiful; I bet she sleeps with it on. :D
redhedded - have you use the olive oil on her face as well? our dd only seems to have a flareup on her face / neck area. We have used the Elidel, which works great but I am interested in trying the olive oil.
thanks! -Lena
Hi Id, We did not use olive oil on dd's face, though I certainly would if she had eczema there. We have used it often on her hair and skin; I hate to go on and on but swear by its powers.
On face, we used California Baby (plant based chemical free line of products that you can purchase at Whole Foods) Botanical Moisturizing Cream for Face & Body; "it is calming Aromatheraphy for babies, kids and sensitive adults, recommended for those with eczema and other skin sensitivities." (label information) We began using this product on her very dry skin when she was a newborn and still use it at two years of age. BTW, we also use the sensitive skin bath and shampoo, the leave in Chamomile conditioner and the sunscreen.
I had eczema extremely bad as a child. Thankfully, I have outgrown 99% of it. I used to break out on my arms, neck face and the back of my ears. It was awful.
I haven't had an outbreak in about 8 years or so, and it was on my hands then. I cannot wear any lotions, etc. with a perfume in them on my skin or I can flare up.
Also, I was told by my dermatologist that taking penicillin can also cause a flare up, so I avoid it whenever possible.
I found an amazing product which costs about $9 here in Canada at Walmart. It is called Dermal Therapy. It is in a tube, and it is fantastic.
While growing up, I was on many creams which were prescribed by my doctor. Most of them were steroids, but back then, I really needed the stronger meds.
Thank you to all of you who have responded with advice. The other night was so tough because W's eczema was so itchy and he was obviously in discomfort. I have tried a few of the recommendations from people and continue to search for the right regimen for him. I ran across some "Calendula" ointment. It really seems to help. I looked online and can't find any known side effects. Has anyone used this?
redhedded- I did try olive oil on him. It seemed to make his skin a little red so I didn't use it but for two days. I did like it for myself though!!! I have checked out the California Baby products and am going to try them. Have you tried their Calendula cream?
reds- I am a huge fan of Aquaphor. I have used it on both of my kids. Unfortunately, its not knocking out this round of eczema, but I am still using it as a barrier and on the rest of his body where his skin is not so bad. I always feel like the dad in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" that put windex on everything- I'm always saying put some Aquaphor on it- my husband teases me.
thanks again to everyone..Michele
Just wondering if you found anything that worked. My dd is 4-1/2 months old and has eczema just on her cheeks. We have been trying Eucerin and Aquaphor and they haven't seemed to help.
Hi, Our son has eczema too. He has a prescription for Elidel. He was diagnosed about the same time (3 mo.) He also has SEVERE milk and milk protein allergies so there can be a connection. The Elidel has been wonderful and cleared him right up. He rarely has outbreaks now that he's totally off all milk and products made with milk proteins.
You can ask the ped. if it's okay to try him on Nutramigen formula. It's very expensive and smells nasty but did help our son.
Good luck.
Did your son have eczema on other parts of the body also? My older son (bio) has a severe milk allergy also and so we had to use Neutramagin, but he had ezcema all over his body. My dd (adopted) only has it on her cheeks, so I was hoping we would not have to go that route. But maybe we will . . .
Makena has had eczema since two months old - she's now 10.5 months. We were prescribed a steriod cream at first and told to keep her lubricated and to use "free" detergents and softner sheets. That DID NOT work.
We then went to an allergist who determined that Makena was allergic to soy (we started using soy since we figured the eczema was a lactose allergy) and eggs, and then we were referred to a pediatric dermatologist who prescribed Elidel (yes, at three months old she was given Elidel - it's perfectly okay). Elidel is amazing and works overnight. Also, a prescription for an antihistamine (like Atarax) or even Children's Benadryl will help with the itching a bit. Makena gets a dose of Atarax if she's really itchy during the day, and usually a dose at night.
What has also worked is to bathe her EVERY DAY for at least 10 minutes to get her skin very moist. Then I coat her in either olive oil (just like redhead does) or Cetphil Cream (available at most Costco stores) WITHOUT drying her off. THEN I coat her in Vaseline. AND, at every diaper change, I repeat the Cetaphil Cream followed by Vaseline. I put two pairs of socks on her hands before putting on her jammies since she would scratch in her sleep.
She now scratches her wrists all the time as that is one of the few parts of her that isn't covered up. What I've done is taken some of her socks and cut a whole for her thumb and a larger hole for her fingers to go through. That way she can't scratch at her wrists anymore. That's been working well so far.
My pediatric dermatologist recommend [url][/url] for the latest information on eczema and eczema treatment. It's there that they recommend daily (or twice daily) baths to infuse the skin with water, and then to moisturize and lock it in with Vaseline or similar ointment. At Makena's follow-ups, the doctors are always commenting on how great her skin looks. YAY!
So, long story short, go to an allergist and then to a pediatric dermatologist, or at least ask your pediatrician for a prescription for Elidel.
BTW, I've heard eczema described as "the itch that rashes". And that's the truth. The more they scratch, the worse it gets.
Sorry this was so long. Good luck to you.
Tina, mama to Aidan and Makena
Well, Wesley's eczema has gotten much better. And for those that asked he had it on his face, then VERY bad on elbows. It was popping up on his legs, stomach, and back as well.
He was so miserable and itchy one day I broke down and called the dx to ask about topical steriod creme, Desonide. He said that I could use it for 2 weeks and then go off of it for 2 weeks. It helped the first time I put it on!!! Also, I didn't realize how swollen his face was until eczema went mostly away. I feel so bad..
I also switched him to a soy based formula. Not Neutragin- what is that? He is a changed little man. Much more active and smiling so much more. I don't know if it was the creme or the switch of formula.
I thought Elidel could only be prescribed for kids over 2? Am I mistaken?
Take care-
From what my daughter's ped. derm. said, Elidel is actually safer than steroidal creams, especially on Black skin. When she's got a really bad breakout I apply the Elidel twice a day (as prescribed). It's even safe to use on the face - she's had breakouts on her eyelids before, and she usually has spots on her cheeks and forehead. It's great stuff.
amyway, my son had it on his face (usually forehead), and small patches on his stomach, arms and legs. Since taking all milk out of his diet we haven't had one since outbreak! I still have the Elidel just in case!
We tried already so many products for our babies eczema but foderma eczema treatment serum is the best. Others seem to help for 3 days but this much longer. I only wish there was a bigger bottle! Since using this we did not need the hydrocortisone cream anymore so I couldn't recommend it more! The eczema isn't gone but much more under control. definitely worth trying if it works for you too.