Born, a boy, in November 1966 in New Jersey, to unwed parents I was put up for adoption and placed in a loving home in June 1967. If you know where I am supposed to register to possible find my birth parents, if they're searching for me, I am finally ready to know. Thank you to anyone who has any information.
do you have any information you could give, such as location in New Jersey or birth name?
Yes. But I didn't know if that info. should go on here or somewhere else. I have my adoption papers and the birth parents were told it would be sealed, but the powers that be goofed and I know what they named me, my birth mother's name, and just found out some new info. My adopted father died many years ago. My adopted Mom told me two weeks ago that my parents were graduate college students dating, but not ready to be married or start a family, opting for careers first. Their parents wanted me, but since birth mom had all the rights she said she wanted me up for adoption. Do you know where I should register for help finding them? I've tried the telephone book and am one step away from calling a private investigator like my wife did to find her father, only he died two months later and denied being her father. I could use any help possible. You are my first response to this message. THANK YOU!
:) Ive been having a hard time finding a cousin of mine. Iam 22, ive been looking sence about 15 so I know how frustraiting it can be. I really am not sure where you should post. I post everywhere possible. If you would like to give me some the names, city, state, I would be willing to try my best to help you. Ive located alot of peoples relatives who have information on them, just guess iam not so hot when I dont have no information. My email is:
I can understand not wanting to post to much information here. But if youd like my help id do what I could.
I look at it like, maybe if I help others, someone will be able to help me one day.
Good Luck, Daniy