ISO adopted half brother 12/1969 or 1970

I'm ISO my half brother that was given up for adoptin in Billings (I think) born 12/69 or 12/70...I'm not which one.
B/M would be Donna R Accord or Donna R Mosler.
She then moved back to Brighton Co. after the birth. I know that a baby was born between my sister who was 1968 and myself 1972. It has been said the baby was a boy. My sister and I have the same father....he was in the Navy when she became pregnant. She went to Montana with her father Don Accord. She doesn't talk about it.

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Are you sure about your dates? My husband was born in wolf point montana on August 28, 1967. Birthmother young at time of birth. Birthmother may of came from another town to give birth.
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