Children's Home Society was a very popular adoption agency in many states. Be sure and post the city and state of birth and I will try to locate an office for you where you can request non-identifying information from CHS.
Typical information that is provided to the adopee about the birth parents is:
A. Age of birth parents at the time of relinquishment
B. State of birth of birth parents
C. Marital status of birth parents
D. Other siblings born before the adoptee to the birth parents
E. Physical description of birth parents
F. Ethnicity of birth parents
G. Religion of birth parents
H. Occupation of birth parents
I. Education of birth parents
J. Information about aunts, uncles and grandparents such as ages and occupations
K. Reason for relinquishment
Typical information that is provided to birth relatives is:
A. Ages of adopting parents at the time of adoption
B. Other children in the adoptive family, biological and adopted
C. Physical description, ethnicity, occupations and education of adopting parents
D. Date of birth of relinquished child
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Hi! I was adopted thru the NC Children's Home Society on 4-9-78. I found out that my ** stayed in a maternity home that the NC CHS used at that time. CHS told me they only used a very few maternity homes in the 70's but could not tell me where my ** stayed. I also know that I was born in the same county that the maternity home was located. Any maternity home information would be great!!
I was born 5-26-1964 in Washington DC but adopted through CHS in Greensboro, NC. My adopted family lived in NC. I believe that my birthmother was also from NC but am not positive. I have my non-id and am planning a trip to NC to search for information regarding my adoption. I need specific guidance/ ideas for searching methods. Any help would be appreciated!
Hi my name is Karen and I was Born July 8,1980 I was adopted through Childrens Home Aid Society in Chicago at 5 months. I don't have any information on my birth family and it hurts so bad to know that you have a part of you somewhere in this world and don't have a clue as to who it is or where they are. I have 4 children now and a husband, I would would really love to share this great part of my life with them if there is anything anyone can do to help me I would greatly appreaciate it. I think they had a article on me in the newspaper with the name baby kay my mother told me that my birth family gave me up because i was to sick and they could not afford to take care of me. That is all the info I have .....Someone Please Help!!
I was born in San Diego in July 1954 and was adopted from CHS in San Diego. I have some info about my birth mother and i was given a first middle and last name at birth. So, I have always thought that would make things easier but so far not much.
Send me some info by pm: name, mothers age, info about mother's siblings ages & genders, grandparent's ages. Keep some info back to weed out false leads, esp. physical descriptions or jobs. But, anything that has a name, date or an ethnicity will be helpful. I have successfully done several California searches and search for free.
Checked out your birthdate and while I think your name is fairly common, your mother's maiden name is pretty rare. Should be a good search.
Ughh!! Your birthdate only lists you by your adopted name. Most CA births are listed by both or birth. Hopefully your mother was atleast 24 when you were born, then the census will help.
i was born in raleigh, nc, but was adopted through greensboro's branch of chs. could you send me whatever information you can please? i would greatly appreciate it!
i guess i should include more info...haha.
i was born August 11, 1985 in raleigh (i believe), i was adopted through greensboro chs. my mother was 18 years old, my father was 25 years old. i was 6 lbs. 6 ounces. i have native or puerto-rican ancestry, and also french english and german ancestry. thats about all i know. if you could email me any info you can give me, i'd appreciate it. i also know that my mother was adopted through social services.
i was born march 2 1988 in fairfield california. birth name gabriella reyes. i was adopted first in utah it was an lds adoption. at that time my name was gabriella scott. it is now gabriella stier. the second time i was adopted it was through the childrens society of utah