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My brothers' name is Stephen Michael Destefano. He was born in September 1986. He was one of 4-7 children. He was born in PA. His birth mother is Patricia(?) and birth father is Robert(I think). His birth parents gave the kids up while young. Stephen was around 2-years. I think he has an older brother named Pat(?). The kids all either got sent with family members, into foster homes, or possibly adopted. Stephen was sent to an aunt named Donna Markley and uncle named Bill Markley. They live in Seneca, South Carolina, and they have three kids, a girl, a boy, and another boy with cerebral palsy. Bill and Donna lost custody of Stephen and now he is adopted into my family. We are very close. Stephen went by the name of Stephen Michael Markley as a child. Stephen's biological father is remarried and has custody of a daughter (around 12-years-old). It is said that biological mother Patricia has disappeared? They are an Italian family. I am in desperate need to find Stephen Michael Destefano's birth parents or long-lost siblings. Please help me and e-mail LittleChick14@gurlmail.com. PLEASE, someone help me. The reasons are personal and very much important,