For those of you who have returned from Russia with an infant, could any of you tell me whether car seats are required there?
We chatted with a couple in the Paris airport (while on Trip 1) who said their car seat was a royal pain to schlep through the airport and seemed ready to ditch it in the trash (if they could). They highly recommended one of those Baby Bjorn things.
My question you have to have a car seat while in Russia, and do you have to have one in the plane?
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Car seats are not only not required, you'd be hard pressed to find one there. We were in Kemerovo, went to several baby shops, and I didn't see a car seat in any of them. Most back seats of the cars we rode in didn't even have seat belts.
As for the plane, if the child isn't big enough to be strapped into their own seat, you'll be asked to hold them during take-off and landing. We were able to strap our daughter into the airplane seats. She's 2 years, but about the size of an 18 month old.
I'm told that they hardly anyone uses car seats in Russia. For one thing, most cars are too small for it to be practicable. Everything I've read or heard suggests that hardly anyone uses seatbelts either. :eek: And you will severely offend a Russian cab driver by putting your seatbelt on. :rolleyes:
never saw a car seat at all, I saw people at the medical clinic taking moses baskets out of their backseats, but I doubt they were strapped in.
Ou first car ride from the airport to hotel, i feel like I held my breath the whole trip, they drive so fast and not one of our vans even had seatbelts. Amazingly with all the crazy driving we saw, we never saw an accident either?!?
We brought the baby bjorn with us and I just held him close and prayed the whole way to the airport!
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Like above poster said - strap the baby to your body and hold on tight! I think riding in a NASCAR during a race would be more relaxing than riding in a vehicle operated by a Russian! To say they drive fast and furious is an understatement! Good luck and enjoy the adrenaline rush!
Just to add my confirmation - I never saw a single car seat and I think if yoou showed up with one you would get very strange looks. People never wear seatbelts inside a "city" and it is insulting if you do so but once we got to a certain point and were out of the city my translator (but not the driver) did put on the seatbelt.
So....Baby Bjorn it is!!! Y'all are right about the seat belts - they don't have them!!! My older children were mortified that I didn't wear one there, as much of a "safety mom" as I am here.
Our driver was a retired fighter pilot, and all the roads were covered with ice. It sure was fun! :)
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There are usually no seat belts in the cars or vans in Russia. If they were there they were cut out. No car seat is necessary in Russia. You must purchase a plane ticket for your child if the child is 2 or under. The price is a one way fare and should be discounted although our child's one way fare from Russia was over $800.00.
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