How sad. This was on the news this evening, and it just breaks my heart.
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Stepfather Of Boy In Custody Fight Charged With Abuse
POSTED: 6:05 pm EST November 2, 2005
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The stepfather of a 4-year-old at the center of a custody dispute has been arrested in Illinois, charged with domestic battery involving the boy.
Evan Scott Johnson spent the first three years of his life with an Atlantic Beach couple who were trying to adopt him. Late last year, a Duval County judge awarded custody to his biological mother, Amanda Hopkins, and her husband, Michael Hopkins.
In January, Evan was taken to live with the Hopkins family in Illinois.
According to Glenview, Ill., police, Michael Hopkins, 26, was arrested Monday after investigating a report of child abuse in the home. Authorities in Illinois told Channel 4 that Hopkins "caused physical harm" to Evan while he disciplined the boy.
After a hearing Tuesday, Hopkins was released on $10,000 bond and told he can't have any unsupervised visits with Evan or the couple's other child. He is due back in court Dec. 7.
Late last year, a Duval County judge ruled that since Gene and Dawn Scott never finalized adoption papers, the birth mother would get full custody.
Hopkins came to Jacksonville last winter with his wife to pick up Evan from the Scotts.
"I'm absolutely horrified that Evan has got into a situation where he's not able to be protected anymore," Dawn Scott said. "We did everything we could, using whatever little bit of power the court let us have as his guardians to try and protect him."
Evan's biological father, Steven White, told his attorney that he is "extremely upset and worried" about the alleged abuse his son has suffered.
The attorney, Garrett Barket, said they are weighing their options as how to proceed next, but will do whatever is necessary in Evan's best interest. He said the allegation of abuse will "reinvigorate our efforts to obtain a favorable result to the custody issue."
Channel 4 was told there could be an emergency hearing on the custody issue in Duval County court Thursday.
OMG!! That poor little boy. As though being torn from his home wasn't enough. To be torn from a loving home and thrown into a situation like that is just so far beyond unfair. You would think that after being granted the priviledge of being able to parent that child, that dad would and should have been on cloud nine. I sit here as a grown adult thinking, I just don't understand. I can't imagine how that little boy must feel.
So so so.................SAD:( I am sending postive thoughts to the little boy in hopes that he will no longer be harmed. Makes me so upset!
God Bless,
Does anyone remember why custody was awarded to the bio mom instead of the bio dad? Was it just the typical "keep the kids with their moms" thing, or was there some other factor?
Hopefully that won't matter...... hopefully bio mom will kick Mr. Hopkins to the curb now and concentrate on getting her son back and raising him in a safe environment. Sigh.
Custody was awarded to bio mom because bio dad was convicted of spousal assault against her while she was pregnant. Sounds like a huge mess all around. Especially for the little guy.
Ahh, that's right. Thanks, SunshineMom. Well then... I wonder... if bio mom does not get her act together and get rid of the current hubby, perhaps the intended aparents will get Evan as a kinship placement...?