Anyone heard of Mr. Clark LeBoeuf?
I have a letter from my adoption agency, to my amom's lawyer saying they (the adoption agency) had forwarded a form to Mr. Clark LeBoeuf. The letter's dated in December of 1965. I found his name associated with Tonawanda, and Schenectady NY. Anyone heard of him? It's possible he was a Judge, Lawyer, or Social Worker of some kind.

SSDI in Schenectady
A friend found that Mr. Clark LeBoeuf is in the SSDI as having died in Schenectady in May of 1979. I'm wondering if he could have been a lawyer, judge, or social worker in the Schenectady/Albany area in the mid 60's?
Obutuary found
Mr. Clark LeBoeuf was an employee of New York State, and worked for the Dept. of Health, so no potential lead there, it seems. Unhappy

Thanks for finding that Adrienne!
Hey there, Clark LeBoeuf was the Director of the Office of Vital Records in Schenectady NY. I know this because he signed my Father's "fake" (adopted) birth certificate at the bottom, and under his name it reads "Director, Office of Vital Records" dated back to 1962. Hope that helps!
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