if you were born in any hospital in the nyc or manhattan area leave your name and date of birth and hospital in nyc you were born in this is to try and eliminate other states signing on to ny area and make easyer for new york city and state searches just trying to help .
leave hospitals name in nyc.
yours or adoptees date of birth that was born in a new york city hospital
iam just trying to cut down the search and make it a little easyer to find someone we are looking for in new york state without having to go though other states to do this .and i am not trying to go over anybody doing this just trying to help out alittle please understand just trying to help i will be sendding a request to adoption search for a site just like this to see if they can do it to make it more easyer for newyork state adoptees to just have a site added in the adoption site to just add the birth hospital adoptees were born in so we can search that way to if you agree with this please email them with me and help request a site like this it may help in our searches and make them a little easyer thank you and i hope that you will join me in asking adoption search to make this happen
Looking for half sister. My mother gave up a baby girl . Born in August 1970. Not sure if birthday is the 7,8,9 th. Wychoff Heights Hospital Brooklyn NY. The nurse sensed my mother in turmoil about the secret birth. She sent in two well dressed people , who my mother believed to be lawyers. They paid the hospital bill, and my mother signed the baby over for adoption. No paperwork was given to my mother. She called it a black market adoption. My mother is deceased, so I have no further information.
Born 8/8/1947 in Bellevue Hospital in NYC. Brought to the Foundling in September to be given up for adoption. Subsequently adopted in 1951. Searching for any birth relatives.
I'm searching for my brother who was born March 17, 1964. He was named David Joseph Hurst. His birth mothers name may have also been listed as Gregory. It could have been Hurst or Gregory but he was given the name Hurst at birth. Email me at if you fit the description.
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I was born in Nov. 1973. I am pretty sure I was born at what was Misericordia Hospital in the Bronx. I was in foster care for 3 months and then given to my parents. Adoption was finalized in 1974.
I am pretty sure my birth mother stayed at the home for unwed mothers that was part of Misericordia, known as Rosalie Hall. She was 22 when she had me.
searching for baby boy adopted at birth. agency used was catholic charities.
hospital- Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center
DOB Dec 1 1987 at 3:50 A.M.
mother Carolyn Duchemin/schaefer
Ridgewood Queens NY
White female single birth, born 8/8/65 in Jamaica Hospital in Jamaica, Queens, NYC. Private adoption directly between mother and adoptive family. Was told mother had given up another female child prior to my birth. Would love to know what happened to her.
Born March 31 1969
Birth name of Kevin
Foster home under name of Corey Ennis
Unknown hospital closed adoption
Do not know much else
Looking for birth family
Son, named Michael Thomas Power at birth born March? 1955 Bronx New York at Misercordia Hospital stayed at Rose Hall for unwed mothers until his birth, mother is of Irish decedent she is now 86 yrs old and wants to find her son and let him know how much she loves him.
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I was born in Brooklyn Women’s Hospital in Brooklyn, NY ON Jan. 11th 1961 at 12:10 a.m at 8lb 12oz. Female Black baby. My biological Mother’s (last) name Warner.
I was told there was no such name as Brooklyn Womens. Hospital. This was all shown on my live Birth Certificate that my adopted mother gave me . I’m confused in how I was sent to Springfield, Massachusetts to be adopted.
Denise M. Scott : Birth name , Denise Warner
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