Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry
What a Ripoff- Charging $300.00 or more to do a search for birth parents, when it should be a legal right of an adoptee to know his or her history.
Once you receive non-id infor for the modest cost of $35.00 they send you photo copies where someone took the time to blank out all information before making the copy to send to you.(how nice of them).
I have spoke with more than one person who has paid the $300.00 and gotten NO ANSWERS for their money.
I was also adopted from Georgia and I just sent off my $35.00 for my Non-Id info. What did yours say if you don't mind me asking. Reading this is leading to me to believe that I will never found out who I really am. I don't understand why Geogia does not let adoptees have what is rightfully ours. We have every right to know where we came from. Most of all our medical History. I hate that we as adoptees have no rights.
georgia reunion registery
I Used The Georgia Reunion Registery And Paid The 35.00 For The Non-i-d And The 300.00 For The Search They Done A Wonderful Job. They Found My Birth Mother You Just Have To Be Patient Good Luck With Your Seaches. Mike
Mike, What did the non-id contain ( if you don't mind me asking). I have been searching for a long time and now that I have sent off for the non-id infor I am eager to find out what it says. Will it tell if there were any other children that my b-mom had. My mom told me that I have a half-brother that is 3 or maybe 4 yrs older than me. I am so glad that you have found your birthmom maybe I will have that same luck. tiff
tiffany reply
tiffany, the non i-d info told me medical history also how many aunts and uncles i had. grandparents. what kind of work my grandparents did. what hospital i was born in. what my birthmother named me. didnt say anything about siblings but she was only 15 when she had me. what she look like. they did tell me the brother born after me was also adopted out. anything i can help you with just email ill do my best. email at thanks, mike
I was adopted in Georgia to. What years were any of you born in? I was born in 1969. I have the case number, the attorneys that handled the adoption (which I don't think are in business anymore) and I have my given birth name, where I was born. I've always been scared but as I get older I'm curious to know who I am.

And is it just 37 bucks or 300 bucks that you have to pay?
Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry
What all of you do not understand is this - Georgia is only one of a handful of states that allows a member of the triad to do an active search for a birth family member. It costs way more than $300.00 to do the search and your taxes pick up the rest. If you were in New York, South Carolina or many other states, you would have to hire a private investigator for thousands of dollars to do what Georgia is authorized to do for a mere $300.00. There is NO state that you are legally allowed to find out, without restrictions, all the information you perceive that you may be entitled to.
As an analogy, my son wanted to play Little League this year. I had to get a certified copy of his birth certificate which is now up to $25.00 per copy. If I have to get one everytime he needs one for an activity, that could run into hundreds of dollars. Do I have a "right" to that birth certificate - yes, but there are administrative costs in obtaining it and I am mandated to pay that.
Georgia Legislation could help
I agree that the Adoption Reunion Registry is not the way to go. I have tried and all it did was offend my bmom and I have no information to show for it. She did not sign anything, but she did make it clear she wanted to be left alone and refused to talk to or correspond with me. I would not have gone about it the way they did. I think it is a bull in a china shop approach.

There is legislation that will be voted on this year in GA to give adult adoptees access to original birth certificates. This is my hope so that I can at least see who she is from afar even if she never wants contact. They convene on Monday, Jan 14, 2013 so contact your state representative to let them know you are in favor of this!
It is House Bill 748, I tried to post a link but it would not post properly. You can get to it by going to the Ga House of Rep. home page and putting the number in.
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