Just wondering if any bmoms out there stayed at the Elizabeth Lund Home during your pregnancy.
I am an adoptee born in 1966. My Bmom stayed at the Elizabeth Lund Home. I am in the middle of my search, and wondering if anyone can tell me what this place was like at that time. Was it a good place?
It was and still is a good Leslie Kutner at that agency...she can help...good luck
P.S. she reunited my son and I over a a year ago..
The Lund home was a very special place. I stayed there 18 years ago. Back then most of us there were keeping our babies, and they made it possible for us. The daughter I had there graduated this year and is going on to med school.
I was adopted through the Elizabeth Lund Home in 1982. When you said they reunited you and your child, how exactly were they involved? Where you searching or was your child searching? You can send this info privately if you would like...
Any info would be a great asset to my searching!
unfortunately, the home had a horrible record of illegal adoptions and even 'stealing' children. I've heard multiple horror stories from adoptees trying to get their records, because the home is trying to cover up the 'bad' adoptions. even to the point of violating court orders to releae the records