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I was wondering if anyone has heard of the ALMA organization? Marie Anderson is the coordinator. She contacted me to let me know they may have found my bmom. This is in part, the email she sent me.
Was quite a struggle to find you - but thank goodness you were registered on
What is the Alma Society - The Adoptees Liberty Movement Association - please visit our website below and you can find out all about us.
I'm a coordinator for Alma - have been since 1992 and I assist the registrar with matches. We discovered your post on, and your data matched our records.
I gave her what little information I had, at first she said they had a match for a Cindy with a C but not Sindy with an S. I confirmed the spelling is with an S. She later emailed with second email. This is what it said in part:
Thanks for getting back to me - I do believe we have a match here.
You said that you had your time of birth - but didn't state what it was, could you give us that information?
CHS matches our information as well.
The last known address for your birth mother we had was in 1987, using only a post office box # which is very difficult to trace. I have some people helping me try to find her - so bear with us if you would.
I did not reply back but she did send me a third:
In the lat email, she stated they found my birthmom and she wanted to contact me, but they could not release her any information until I provide them with my current address and phone number.
I would like to know if anyone has heard of this organization and if this is ligit or a scam.
The address is in Virgina and this is their web site: [url][/url]. Thank you.
ALMA is one of the first adoptee rights orginzations in the US.
Shoshana responded to your other post of the same topic with the following
No, ALMA is not a scam. They were one of the earliest organizations developed to promote adoptee rights, including assisting with searches and reunions. I started attending ALMA meetings eons ago before I went on my search. I'm sure the organization has changed a lot, but they are definitely legit.
I hope that helps!
Thank you Brandy. I must have missed seeing her reply. I have been having problems with my computer lately. I haven't been able to read messages or replies until a friend fixed it for me.
I see you have already had replies but thought I would add that this is not a scam. They are one of the first groups around. Go for it, that is if you are ready to locate your birth family.
Best of luck to you,
Marie helped me find my B/M in under one week...after years of me searching. And, yes, Marie contaced me first...she is quite a lady!!!!! I finally got to wish my B/M a Happy Mother's day just this year after 37 years of not.....How awesome!!!!!
Thank you all for your replies. I have been in contact with my birth mother for months now and it is possible I have found my birth father but I was a few years too late. He passed away in 2001. I have been in contact with his son and we are trying to figure out if we share the same father by going with the information my birth mother had. Unfortunately, my birth mother did not have a picture of him.
I recently recieved pictures of my birth mother and even though we don't look alike, my kids, who have spoken to her also, say we sound a lot alike. I did send a picture of me to what I hope is my half brother, he then sent it to his mother and his mother said she see's some similarity between me and her husband, mainly in the chin, mouth and eyes.
As for siblings, I have four half sisters, one who passed away a few years ago and a half brother from my birth mother. If the Ken Brant I found is my father, there are more half sisters and one or two half brothers. I was so hoping I would have mostly brothers, but no such luck lol. I would like to thank everyone for their help and advice.