I am male born on 7/6/1970 in or near Boston MA though adopted in Connecticut in search of birth mother or family.
Hi, I'm searching for a half brother born in Boston in 1970 , I understand his mother maruja was from chile but not sure if she kept the baby or put him for adoption . My father is from Cuba and was married at that time to my mother estela . I was born in 1971 and my brother in 1969 both from boston and we've been trying to find our half brother, I saw your post and thought it wouldn't hurt to reply just in case.
I'm looking for my twin brother, we were born in May 1970 in Boston. I know that in those days, some dates were altered because of foster care, etc., though not sure if they were ever off by quite that much.
I do not know the name of the hospital but heard it burned down sometime afterward.