So sick of posting without similarities to ANYONE on this forum!! :( But oh well, push on....
I am ISO ANY birthfamily. My birthdate (unless the day was changed) is 12/9/1976. I was born in Hazleton, PA at St. Joseph's, in Luzerne county, and that is the county of finalization. My mother was approx. 34 at the time of my birth, and may have been a sewing machine operator at that time. She had children before me. She may have named me "Leann" (which is not my name now). I am white. My parents had a lawyer who handled the adoption from their end...I don't know if my bmother used a specific agency or lawyer, or if she just dealt with people from the hospital.
An additional detail is that I have an adopted brother, who I am told is actually my biological brother. (True? Full brother or just half? Details are sketchy...) His bday was 4/11/78.
If anyone else has dealt with this hospital, or lawyers in this area, or any other similar details, please respond - maybe we have knowledge for each other that could be useful! Thank you so much!
other keywords: december, 1976, sibling, 1978, april, 4/11/1978, pennsylvania, 12/1976, 12/9/76, 4/78,
i have non id info on my brother and sisters of (sis) 1976, and a brother of 1978. found out my fathers b day is 1/30/56 and mom 7/8/63, but thats my mom, both my mom and dad had or has other kids, put in adoption, with other family members, ect.
sister of 76 would have been with an ex wife, not my mom.
also, he served in army till 74. anything seem to match? or care to share and see?
Have you been successful in your search? I am looking for a 1/2 sibling born at the same hospital, but I believe he/she would have been born sometime in 1975 or early 1976