Como se dice "foster mother" en Espanol?
My Cuban friend said foster mother is "madre adoptiva" but I know I've seen something else.

Anyone know? Thanks!
Our translator told us "madre adoptiva" also. This was confirmed by the maestro de espanol a mi escuela!
Definicin foster mother
I understand is "madre de crianza temporera"
Entiendo es madre de crianza temporera.
Madre adoptiva is adoptive mom and I think it is when is forever.

Me again "foster mother"
Remember that here in US there's a lot of Spanish teachers who's Spanish is not there tongue/native language and doesn't know some specific words of the language.

My native tongue is Spanish and my second language is English.

I'm sure of the meaning that I gave you.
A member here translated foster mother as "mama cuidadora" for me.
Just saw an episode of Adoption Story from Guatemala a lot of footage of the foster mother, sounded like she referred to herself as madre temporal.
I noticed one of the original Spanish documents from our agency referred to her as "la madre substituta."

I have a feeling there are many "acceptable" translations.


That's the way all of my attorneys refer to their foster mothers.
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