This board is pretty quiet. Are there any Ohio foster/adopt parents around ?
Drop in and introduce yourself.
I'm Kathy from Columbus. I have one adopted daughter and three foster/adopt children. I've been fostering for 7 or 8 years (can't remember how long exactly :o )
I'm Denise from Xenia. We have been foster parents for 4 years & have adopted a son thru Franklin County Children's Services & are adopting 2 more now thru them also so I am in Columbus often!!! We started out as just foster and then changed to foster/adopt.
Hi!!! I'm Lisa and we live in Kettering.
We were approved to adopt in 2/2005, so we are new to this. We are hoping to adopt a girl from infant to 7yrs old. We have inquired about 3 girls in Ohio, along with 2 girls out-of-state.
I would appreciate any advice, comments, or suggestions from all of you who have been thru it. Feel free to send me a personal message--if you would like to talk more.
Looking forward to meet all of you!!
Lisa in Kettering
Tina...WOW !! 8 kids. They are so cute. How do you do it ?
Denise, my oldest daughter was adopted through FCCS.
Lisa, Good luck on your journey. Have you looked at the Ohio Adoption Photolisting ?
Have a great weekend everybody and nice to meet you all. :)
I'm From McDermott, Ohio. We have adopted a 7 year old who is now 9. We are currently fostering ot adopt a 6 year old girl. We have alot of experience with different type of behaviors etc. if any advise is needed.
Okay. Here's a question. :) Has anyone been successful in applying for PASSS? I haven't heard of anyone actually being approved, but surely someone must be. :)
We live in Cincinnati. We have three children (19,15, 7) and we hope to adopt two older children (a boy 5-10 and a girl 10-15) and we also want to do respite care for younger children. We just got our license last week.
We're Sara and Carlton. We have 2 bios, a boy and a girl. Brennan is 9 months, Alyssa is two. We want to foster but because of the strike in Franklin County things are slow. Most of the private agencies want treatment foster parents, and we're not so sure about that. We are thinking of doing ages 0-3 and doing foster to adopt. We are trying to get out of our condo and into a house so we have room for more kids. So if anyone knows anybody who wants a condo just outside of grove city..... :)
My name is Debbie and my husband and I have been fostering for 5 years. The only reason we decided to foster-to-adopt was because we can't afford adoption agencies. We have of course no children of our own (I can't have any). In 2000 we received our first child. She was 2 days old and we loved her so much. She left us when she was 6-1/2 months old. When she left my whole world went with her. Besides having infertility, this of course made me really not want to be around friends, families with children. I already feel like a failure because I can't have children and losing her made me feel worse.
We didn't know if we could go on again. It took over 3 years to try again. In May of 2003 we tried again and this time I thought her story this has got to be it. She was abused at 5 weeks old and I though this is it. So we tried. Mom went to jail for 3 months out of this and the father (not married) is awaiting sentencing. There has never been any bondng between her and and her mother. Her father as given up all his parental rights to her. Mom in February gave birth to her 4th child (all different fathers) whom she met over the internet.
It is of course July of 2005 and we still have our bundle of joy. Last September we had a court date with the magistrate and have been waiting for his decision or not to give her back to her mother. Well as of last Friday, we had another court date and we had a different magistrate and the whole story had to be told again. This time what has me so upset is that she lied over everything. She's saying that there is bonding and she calls her mommy and she gives the baby her bottle.
What was ok was that CSB said they still want permanent custody and that this child only knows me and my husband. She has routine, and stability. CASA also said there has never been any bonding. I can't understand why she lied. She knows that at her visits there is a monitor there recording everything. What was something was that this magistrate gave us a chance to speak. I said there still is no bonding and that she (our little girl) does like mom's husband and that is because he plays with her. Mom does not- she just sits there with the baby. She only gave the baby the bottle because mom asked her if she wanted to and that was only one time.
I could of said more but I thought I don't want us to look bad. So right now we are on the waiting game again. I just don't know how to go on if something happens. We love this little girl and want her forever. This hurts so bad I don't know what to do.
Hi and welcome to everyone who has popped in on this thread !
Annwill, I know how difficult it can be when you're playing the waiting game. (((((hugs))))))
There comes a point in your foster care career that you realize that the people in charge (caseworkers, lawyers, gal's and judges) may or may not know what they're doing. It's sad but true.
Just hang in there, things will work out in the end. :)
Hi I'm from Logan. My husband and I adopted 2 siblings four years ago, from Fairfield co. After that we did foster care for a little over a year. Now we are back to adopt again. We hope for two or three siblings this time. It just takes so long for the home study. Does anyone know how to find a 1/2 sibling who was adopted eles where?
C-10 Thanks
J-9 M2A
Well, my son has 2 brothers adopted by other families. When we adopted J, we inquired about his brother and it is really up to the adoptive family if they want contact. We have contact with one brother and haven't pursued with the other yet. We called our son's social worker and sent her a letter to send to the other family. I would say that may be the best place to start. As long as they were in care at the same time (even if they were in different foster homes) their case files should be linked. Good luck!
Hi! I live in the Fairfield Township area and are foster to adopt of siblings placed with us at birth. We are awaiting the verdict of C's permanent custody trial and then if they get TPR, they will file for TPR of his little sister K. We have been fostering since Nov. 2003 through Butler County Children Services.
Thank you Kathy, Well as of Sept. Childrens Services got permanent custody- HOORAY!! But of course mom appealed the magistrates decision (of which we kind of knew) and now on Nov. 17th it goes in front of the judge- We need lots of prayers!!
Hey Ohio parents,
I am living in Columbus now, looking to start the foster licensing process. I don't have any idea what agency to go through. How have you chosen the agencies you use? Are there any preferred or avoided agencies?
Hi. We're just starting in our search and also have questions about using an agency as opposed to going directly through the county. We live in Fairfield and would like to hear if anyone has experience in this region. Thanks.