My husband and I are going to be attending a meeting on Tuesday to get some more information on becoming foster to adopt parents. We are wanting an infant. From what we have read most of the infants have been exposed to drugs. What is anyones experience with these babies? I am willing to take on an infant with these problems, my husband is to just still a little hesatent on when the baby grows older. Any information would be great. I also read in the CPS information packet that it takes on average to 4 months for the homestudy to be compleated. That seems like a long time for the home study. We are praying tog et an infant but we have said we would foster up to a two year old. Anyone have any experience with the Texas CPS?
I am not in Texas but we do have a child that was born addicted. Our soon to be adopted daughter was born addicted to crack/cocaine. She was very sick when she was young....had a lot of respiratory difficulties, was on a feeding tube and a heart lung monitor for 5 months (after she went into respiratory failure at 8 days old), nebulizer for asthma, and had a hard time fighting infection so she could not go to daycare.
She is now almost 3 y/o and is doing wonderful. She is developmentally on track and only has to do occasional breathing treatments (daily preventive). You would never know now how sick she was when she was an infant. People who have not seen her in a long while cannot believe she is the same child. All we have been through is well worth it.
I'm in Texas and I had my homestudy started in May (last visit was 5-18) and got my license September 28.
My age range is 0-5 and so far I have gotten mostly infants, only one that was suspected of being drug exposed (prescription drug) because he was so small 4 lbs. 11 oz. when he was born and only 2 weeks early. We suspected that his mother smoked but she said she didn't. His only major problem was bad reflux which in turn disturbed his sleep patterns and he was up and awake after 1:30 or 2:00 just about every day.
I have had 4 placements since I was licensed, the first I got the DAY AFTER I was licensed! In my area (DFW) they are desperate for foster parents so it didn't take long. The most time I have had in between placements without a call has only been about 2 weeks maximum, which has been just recently. But I have a 2 year old now and have room for one more...just waiting to see what kind of call I will get next...
Feel free to PM me with any more questions you may have or post it here.
Good Luck!