any info on gentle care adoption?
Hi everyone,

I just turned in my application to Gentle Care adoptions in Columbus Ohio. Does anyone have any experience with them? I am looking into the african american and bi-racial program. If so, please PM me and let me know,


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Hello. We have adopted through "Adoption by Gentle Care" and "Adoption Circle." Also, we are currently adopting two toddlers through "A Child's Waiting."
I would be glad to answer questions that anyone has about our adoption experiences with these three agencies. I do not think we are allowed to post our experiences to the general public, so you will have to contact me privately.

I would love to hear anyones experience as well! Please PM me! Thanks
hi, i have experience with gentle care, email me if yo want
late responder..... we too have had awsome experiences with this agency...... twice!!!!!!
i wish you the best
I have personal experience with them, i am a birth mother. i wish you the best in your search for you r child and hope you get news soon. god bless.

**Edited for Agency Discussion** Please remember all specifics must be discussed via private message.
thank you nikki for responding...we have adopted twice through them and although we were able to hear a bmom speaker..... it is nice to hear it reinforced that a bmoms experience is aided by their wonderful staff at abgc........ our adoptions were closed via the bmoms choice, i hope their experience was pleasant as well.......
Hi, My husband and I are looking into adoption and are looking into both Adoption by Gentle care and Adoption Circle. If you could, please email me at, i would love some advice and reviews of the agencies, thanks!
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