foster to adopt question???
My husband and I have recently adopted 2 siblings thru CPS we did the legal risk, foster to adopt with our two babies the first time around. We decided that we were ready for another one and called our case worker. We have been placed with a 3 week old infant who we love dearly. His Biological mom is currently in foster care herself and her parents parental rights have been terminated for some time now. My question is if anyone has been in our shoes about legal risk placement of a child whose minor parent is in fostercare herself and how did the whole situation work? We do not know a whole lot he was drug/ alcohol exposed but is doing well. His Biological mom in her foster home is always running away, doing drugs, etc. So obviously not doing well to care for him. Please if anyone has been there email me or respond. thanks-
I had a foster infant in exactly the same bfamily scenario that you describe. One of the workers said it was a slam-dunk adoption situation, but the baby was part Native American, so Tribal Court took jurisdiction and returned the baby to her family. Given you don't have any "outside" interference superceding the court system, I would cautiously say it looks pretty good for termination. BUT REMEMBER! ANYTHING can happen with legal-risk. What, if anything, is known about the baby's birthfather and his family? RM
The b mom is 17 and the b dad is 27 years old, we know he has said he wants nothing to do with her or the baby. That is pretty much all we know about him so far...he wants NOTHING to do with this situation. Thanks for the encouragement.
I would have to say it sounds very promising for you as well. Is the bf willing to surrender his rights to the child? We are kind of in the same situation with our foster twins. The bf is only 19 (was 17 when biomom got pregnant) and biomom is 26 but has mental capacity of a 13 year old. Her parents rights were terminated when biomom was young and she group up in fostercare and group homes her self. SHe is pretty much homeless, living from place to place until the person gets tired of her. This biomom has 5 kids and has lost all of them. SHe has no family LEGALLY since her parents rights were terminated. The bf was supposed to surrender his rights today (haven't heard from cw to see if that happened) and the DCS atty was filing for tpr on the biomom today as well. Chances are pretty good that if this biomom is that young and has no family to help her, and bf wants nothing to do with child, it sounds pretty good for you and you family. HOWEVER NOTHING is for sure until the ink is dry on the adoption papers. Good luck and keep us informed.
Sounds like we're family
I didn't realize how common this scenario is..... so there's other kids out there w/ the same "parent scenario" as my fs. In our case he has been in care since he was 2 mos old (Feb 2004) and by Aug 04 they changed his goal to Adoption mostly due to ** running away problems. He came into care as "foster only" no adopt in sight. Right now they are working on the bdad issue, if they can find the man who is bdad and if so his rights and family. I asked the sw if she thought he'd still be foster next June (we have a friend who wants us to take a "couple only" cruise w/ them for her husband's 30th bday) and she thinks his adoption will be finalized by then.

Bmom disappeared over the summer and reappeared for the holidays and that sort of slowed everything down. So, the probability is on your side, but bmom's actions can effect what happens and the when.

It's sad that there's many kids in this scenario, but it's comforting to know that you all "know" what it's like
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