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No solicitation of parents, ever!: chat rooms, message boards and blogs are NOT places for adoptive parents and adoption professionals to solicit expectant parents. So many people visit the community that potential birthparents get "pounced on" from dozens of different people if this rule is not strictly observed. is committed to making its community of websites, chat rooms and blogs places where potential birthparents feel safe. It is not appropriate for adoption professionals or hopeful parents to post "I can help" messages or Internet addresses for potential birth parents to visit or to send this type of e-mail or private message to potential birth parents.
Caution to expectant parents considering adoption: Are you pregnant and considering adoption? For your safety, we strongly recommend that you do not select adoptive parents or an adoption professional from or its community of websites. We have no way of knowing which parents on the site are qualified to adopt, and which professionals are reputable. Visit, a service of Adoption Profiles, LLC, to find information on hundreds of hopeful adoptive parents who have each met the requirements to adopt in their state. Visit to find an adoption professional.
This is the ONE and ONLY warning that will be given to members who violate the above ToS either on this specific forum or by PM’ing members who post on this forum.
This is a support forum, period. It is not a matching site or a networking site…if your purpose for being is to solicit a match (either birthparent or adoptive parent initiated) you are in the wrong place! There have been far to many instances of reports from both adoptive parents and birthparents regarding unsolicited PM’s trying to initiate a match. Reported violators will be permanently banned from the forums, so be sure and read the above bolded text carefully to make sure your post doesn’t violate the rules.
If you have been contacted via Private Message by another member, and that message violates the above ToS, please forward those messages to one of the Moderators!
Hello I have a Question that I wanted to ask before I would post, There is a place here in Texas that has a Maternity Home for Abuse teens or Pregnant teens that has three openings, is that postable or no! I wanted to ask. Thanks
What do we do if **'s are asking for places they can go to look at multiple Aparents and they are also asking not to be PM'd because they are getting jumped on by numerous adoptive parents? BTW, Parent Profiles cost TONS of money for Aparents to be listed. Why not give Bparents who are soliciting for AGENCY websites access to parents who don't feel the need to pay their agency AND Parent Profiles. Yesterday, it was suggested BY A MODERATOR that people PM a ** with IP addresses but the policy says this isn't allowed either. What are **'s and A parents to do to try and answer each others' questions without getting bumped??? I'm not angry. Just frustrated - and feeling like it's okay for to solicit for their Aparents at parent profiles, which kind of makes me mad, but I can understand because it's their forum.
We don't allow agency solicitation at all - period. We don't allow the posting of Agency websites, regardless of their non-profit status, period.
I’ve read the post you posted on and at no time did that expectant mother ask for URL’s to places to view profiles – she asked how she should go about viewing more than 2-3 profiles at once.
A great number of members have no problem at all with posting responses that support and give advice without violating our Forum rules – which state that you can’t discuss adoption agencies on our site – making recommendations to contact agencies falls in line with this.
I’m not really sure what you’re looking for here – you seem to be angry that we allow a site sponsor to be discussed and I don’t know how to address that other than to tell you that without our sponsors, this site wouldn’t be here.
For the record, does not own Parent Profiles – is a paying sponsor of our site.
We have never forbidden members from PM’ing members with agency recommendations – PM’ing an expectant mother with references to another profile services has never been forbidden – PM’ing an expectant mother with the link to YOUR profile, is forbidden and will get your account banned.
FYI – the letters b and m together are used to identify a bodily function that the birthmothers on our site find offensive to be associated with – so we don’t use it.
Additionally, most of the ladies looking for support on our Unplanned Pregnancy forum aren’t birthmothers – they are mothers or expectant mothers. A woman doesn’t become a birthmother until her rights have been terminated.
If you have any concerns, or feel you have been targetted by a member PLEASE contact a moderator immediately.
Got a report from a girl who came here looking for SUPPORT - and was FLOODED with requests to place her baby with (insert perfect couple here).
If you are pregnant and are contacted via this site to place your baby - consider that this couple/person is already breaking the rules to get what they want and they are doing it KNOWINGLY! Should someone who can't follow basic rules be trusted to follow rules more Openness Agreements and homestudy requirements?
Folks, WE WILL NOT tolerate this, if you solicit you will be banned!
Remember this rule is in place for the safety of ALL concerned.
I am bumping this to make it active.
Folks, please remember that when a woman and her partner are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and they come to - they are looking for support and advice.
Sending Private Messages and posting messages indicating that you wish to adopt their child is similar to 'ambulance chasing' - the unplanned pregnancy/considering your options forums are not opportunistic available situation forums - they are REAL forums for people who need REAL information, advice and support from others in the community.
We do ban members who send these types of messages. We get angry/upset emails from women who post here pretty regularly saying that they feel pounced upon by people who send messages wishing to adopt their child.
It is inappropriate.
If you are wishing to adopt – utilize the services of a reputable online networking site – put yourself out there and make yourself available – but don’t approach women who are looking for support, not on – that’s not the purpose of our forums.
Sadly, there have been several reported posts and private messages in the last 72 hours regarding this issue.
Our rules are fairly clear on the subject. Please make sure you read and understand them – if you don’t understand them, please ask a moderator to explain the rule regarding solicitation of expectant parents on our forums, they’d be happy to help.
I am sorry to say that I didnt see your warnings until too late...I think you should put some other way that people see more clearly or bigger post of what not to say
since I saw others just posting or answering to what I was thinking I went ahead & did it too yet I do apologize & you wont see me doing any of that...bless day
Sadly, we do ask everyone who joins to read our ToS which are clear on what is and is not allowed.