There is a lice outbreak at dd's daycare. DD doesn't seem to have it but I'm wondering if I should do a treatment on her for prevention. What product would you guys recommend?
My daughter had lice 4 weeks after coming home. I think the eggs took a while to hatch. I used 2 products, NIX and Pronto Plus, in addition to tea tree oil shampoo (Paul Michell makes it), nitpicking, literally, twice a day, daily vacuuming, daily sheet/towel changes, spraying her hair with vinegar, disenfecting combs. It was a nightmare, pray that your daughter does not get them. I never got them, we did not share towels or hair brushes. If you search online there are alot of sites geared towards lice, lice removal and home remedies. Good Luck, I hope your daughter and your family remain lice free. Mary
Aleea----I'm not sure how old your daughter is, but my advice would be to NOT treat her unless you actually find lice or nits. The chemicals contained in these treatments are very powerful and are really only meant to be used when absolutely necessary.
I would however, continue to check your daughter's hair on at least a daily basis for the next few weeks or so. It's probably a good idea to check her as soon as you pick her up from child care, so that way she won't have time to pass them on to other family members if she does have them.
Hope you all stay lice free. :D
Aleea, Patty is right, don't use any lice specific products unless you actually see the lice or nits. Hopefully, the daycare is insisting that the children be nit free to come back to the daycare.
I have also heard that lice can be resistant to some of these OTC products, which is why I also looked at home remedies, like the vinegar and tea tree oil shampoo.
That being said, my daughter was 16 months when we went through this and I was terrified of getting those lice products in her eyes, or them causing problems elsewhere. I also took my daughter to the pediatrician who confirmed that she had lice and gave me a prescription for lice medicine, which was to be applied on the hair, dried and had to stay on overnight. The scary problem with that was it was highly flammable and I would have NEVER taken that risk, so did not use it. Unfortunately I did not find that part out until I had gotten the prescription filled.
You should check your daughter's head, b/c in my daughers case, she came home in mid december and the lice showed up in mid January. I would also not let there be sharing of towels, hats, hair ornaments, brushes or combs until you are sure she does not have them. My daughter was scratching her head furiously when sleeping, which is what clued me in. I do/did wash her hair every day or every other day and did not see anything until the scratching started.
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Daycare has a policy that the infected child can't come back for 48 hours. The thing is, the "culprit" is one of dd's best friends and they're always playing together and hugging, and doing all the things that toddlers do.
I had lice back in 7th grade, I went to a sleepover and almost everyone who went got it. It kept coming back for months until I got a prescription shampoo for it. That's not an experience I want to relive.
I'm just really hoping she doesn't get it. It's a royal pain in the @$$ to get rid of.
Thanks again for your advice,
Make sure that you childcare provider sanatizes her house. Everything has to be washed and cleaned otherwise it will happen again.
My sister adopted three little girls a couple of years ago, and she had a terrible time getting rid of the lice...She finally threw away all of their stuffed animals, and the lice left too...You have to treat sheets, blankets, anything they can survive in....We have outbreaks in our school every year. My daugher has pretty long hair , but she has never gotten it...I attribute this to always keeping her hair pulled up in a ponytail or braids, and we keep gel or mousse in it..I've heard this repels lice...not sure if that's true, but so far, so good.
Hi there:
I supervise programs for children and have more experience with head lice than anyone person should :)
My suggestion is...if you know your daughter does NOT have lice, avoid using the treatment shampoos for the reasons already mentioned. If you are worried, open the fridge and pull out the mayo! It will choke out any lice that could be lurking. You will need a shower cap, too. Apply the mayo to her head, then put on the shower cap. Let is sit for 30-40 minutes if she will tolerate (you can play other games with her, watch a movie, etc, to distract her). Comb her hair (checking for lice and nits), then wash the mayo out. You can do more than one mayo treatment if you are concerned.
We had to do this with some of the kids in our program and we acted like it was a "spa treatment." They loved it!
For stuffed animals...I have heard of people putting them in zip lock bags and putting them in the freezer to kill lice, instead of using chemicals (check with someone on this to make sure it works).
Lice need a host, so they do not live long without a warm body. Hopefully, your daughter will avoid these unwelcome critters. I figure all of us will be dealing with this at some point. I wish you the best of luck!
Best of luck.
Our pediatrician, also an adoptive mother, has been very proactive about lice. Not only did we take 2 lice treatments with us to China, but she also has encouraged us to involve her if there is an issue.
I'm sure your pediatrician would have good advice.
Hi, My second child has had lice on and off via daycare. My first child's amother give me the best advice on how to deal with them. She refused to use the chemicals and just totally went for constant use of the nit comb after putting conditioner in the hair. I also use a herbal oil product that I have bought from a health food shop. combing works but it's just important to keep at it regularly for weeks. I have slept with my child when she has been totally riddled with lice and never caught them. I never had them when I was a child either. I no longer panic when my daughter gets lice. My first child's amother says that most children get lice through out their school years so just accept it and regularly use that lice comb! She's a very practical mom.
When picking up your child from child care,comb your child's hair out with a special comb before letting her into your car. Also spike her shampoo with tea tree oil. Shampoo daily and let it sit in for 5 min before rinsing. Then Blow dry your child's hair as hot as is comfortable. Stuffed animals can be put into trash bags and kept there for a week. Also putting her pillow in the dryer will kill them off. The problem here is that your child will most likely get reinfected when at child care. The little critters are in the carpet couch etc. Tea Tree oil will kill adult lice on contact. So if you are vigilant about the shampoo routine in less then a week she will be rid of it. The over the counter meds are very scary. The mayo and olive oil hair treatments work too. One of my preteen DDs was just olive oil hair for a couple of days and it took care of it. I think the time from egg to adult is three days. Once an adult and there is no host they will not survive and reproduce. Anna, who is just itching thinking about it.
Thanks again guys,
I'm getting itchy just at the thought.
Keeping my fingers crossed that DD doesn't get them.